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Friday, April 22, 2005

Friends and Passover and Waiting for the Season

Friends... Passover and Family and waiting for the season.

Found out an old friend died today from a new friend. Wasn't happy to hear from him or anyone but either way... that's what life is about I suppose full of things you can't figure out why or what the reason is for things that happen.

Sharon was always convinced that friend was dead. Years back when you look up friends she was always "I think he's dead" and used to yell at her. She just always had this feeling..and I was always wondering why she would say that. Wierd girl, crazy best friend.. miss her so much thought all day on if I could really move to Maine...or well...New England. I'm such a southerner..

So.. don't know how or why he died though he had been very ill for a long time and on a lot of medication. And..was always prone to depression and that can't imagine his life was easy but still... very sad. Even though I didn't know him these last many years... old friend. Spoke online but even that seemed so strange.. unreal and online talking is strange. I mean who are you talking to???

Will pray for his soul, will pray for mine... my other friends... pray to understand or not even try to understand what the heck it was all about.

What is it out Alfie? Great song..

Maybe was the beginning of the end as he was the beginning of a cycle that went on and on in a never ending drama.. and now he is gone. Or is he? Probably.

Maybe Sharon was right.. maybe he was dead. He refused to go by the name we used to call him... maybe he should have kept it. Karma in a name.. sometimes.


Passover.. a house full of grown kids and familar sounding smells and I'm too tired to think on it.. my mind is far away.. on a houseboat, rocking gently in Florida Bay, clouds off in the gulfstream... jimmy buffett tune playing and someone's arms wrapped around mine.. my body, holding me while the wind whistles a Jimmy Buffett tune... while waiting for the Hurricane Season..

Ain't no reasoning with hurricane season.. with life or love or tragedy or mysteries that make no sense... and are lost in the windmills of time...

In the Windmills of Our Minds...

I'm lost in a fantasy with someone special and the gentle rocking of the houseboat.

Love Bobbi
Happy Passover
May you always be remembered in life well.. or at least with a smile..

Hurricane Season is coming... don't need no reason.. just happens.


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