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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ain't No Canes Roaming Round My Brains Today

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.. my daughter was singing that tune the other day, out of nowhere... I don't like that sunshine song.

Doing okay.. Could be better with a Cane to focus on but think El Nino is lurking on the West Coast even though the meteorological media doesn't want to discuss this factor yet. I wonder what Mr. Landsea would say on this development or would he just say it's long term factors involved and Best Wishes and Have a Good Day??

Okay... so... feeling tremendously, playfully poetic today, go figure.

Note: There poems are publilshed and copyrighted by Bobbi Schwartz and if anyone steals them for their school paper teachers are known to google phrases to see where you lifted them and there is currently only one Producer/Slash/Director Friend who has permission to use my words and smiling...they are off for Passover this week. Shhhh, keep it down low. And, well... it's so funny how writers think, even when they don't realize they are doing it...they are plagerizing their friends and acquaintances :)

Poems for the day...instead of Bobbi

My mind races down the avenues of my brain
Traveling fast on a runaway train
Through passages hidden
and tunnels dark
into the sunlight
and back towards the dark
Miles I've traveled
To places I've been
Things that I'd like to see
Again and again
musical melodies
and melodious whispers
of dixieland jazz
and opium splendor
a haunting gospel ballad
a racy reggae tune
a calypso cathedral
and a trip to the moon
Jimmy Buffett is playing
Willie Nelson sings along
There are no words to this poem
Only music.. dance and song


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