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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Windy, Beautiful Day

Woke up and it was a little bit gray and a lot windy. Fresh air moving about. Fast, free and beautiful. The sun rose higher in the sky a bit.... feels a drop less windy but that may be an illusion. Makes you want to take off for open spaces. No, I didn't say Key West. Key West is too far away today. My house is clean and beautiful, light is filtering through my windows and the little mirrored tiles on th suncatchers are grabbing sunlight and dancing fast across my walls like tinkerbell doing aerobics. Wierdly... as much as the sun is nice... I like those gray moments that come and go with passing clouds. The air feels cooler and it reminds me of those beach city days in Los Angelos in the 80s. Nothing like a cool morning of late night and early morning low clouds to let you peacefully wake up. Yes, the 80s were LA days... the 90s brought me back home to the land of Miami Vices.

I traded earthquake books for hurricane friends and fault lines for storm discussion.

I should have stayed in LA considering the fault had moved on and maybe everything would have been different. I knew I didn't want to come back. I walked along La Brea, I cried a bit staring up at the big California Palm trees and the back lot of the studio and even the loss of the morning meal truck guy who barely spoke english but was so nice.. made me sad to leave. Something scarey about going home...back to Miami to face ghosts of the past.

LA Days.

Like Jay who does 87th Avenue.. I close my eyes and drive down Santa Monica to La Cienga... upppp upppp La Cienga to Sunset all the way west.... up through the canyons, down through the canyons...Santa Monica Park (today is a day for Santa Monica Park) and walk down the walkway to the pier, under the sign and down to the end. Why don't we have piers like Santa Monica Pier where you can look out at the water or up at the Pacific Palisades and Malibu?

Cause in I'm Miami.

As far away in NMB from that as I am from walking down Miracle Mile... at least for today.

Going to work. Going to watch the radar today...going to watch the sats closely and then....... going to make the Great Escape :)

have a beautiful windy day


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