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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday Confessions

In the Church of the Little Blogger

I miss the snow in Maine.
I really do.
I can say this here because little Sharon isn't reading my blogs.. she can't remember to go online to pick up her mail let alone read a blog. She goes online when a storm gets close enough to maybe, maybe do some damage and asks me to find out what SNONUT says. SNONUT you see is her final word or hurricanes. Well, she liked someone named Robert up in Tallahassee who is really good but he's not SNONUT, you know? So.... I can say what I want here.. only Jay and occaisionally my daughter Dee would if she was bored enough and she rarely is... so... I can be honest.

It was soooooooooooooooo cute. So beautiful. There was all this snow.. and icicles hanging from rooftops and sometimes it looked like Switzerland and other times it looked like Concord (which is pronounced ConCURD or Concerd which rhymes with HEARD)

And, when you touched your boots to the snow.. it was soft and fine and fell apart and you felt guilty for breaking up the snow bank. And, the trees were so green, pine trees against the snow.

Pretty. Very, very pretty.

If I had money I would spend my winters on occaision chasing the snow up there, trying to beat good systems... outracing noreasters.

And.........I can't wait to see Boston in the summer or spring or whenever I go. I don't care what Sharon says.. I love Boston, its cool... smart, fast ..did I say smart?? And...........................sooooo historical. And, I did not even mention the Red Sox.

Have you ever seen Fenway Park covered in icicles? I thought the guy at the stadium was just making up reasons they don't let people in to walk around.. but no, he wasn't kidding.. covered in ice.. icicles.. hanging.. I have a picture. A few pictures. If I ever post a picture of myself on here it might be in Boston dressed for a blizzard wearing that pink Redsox hat and holding a sign that says Yawkey Way in my arms... thinking................ ohhhhh wait til _ _ _ _ _ sees this, perfect, just perfect. ;)

But still... winter wow. I should have gone there for college like I wanted to.. who knows, might have changed my whole life. Maybe not.. maybe not. Great political science, international relations, history department... then again nooooo I still would have chosen Columbia for the Masters... its in New York afterall.

Which is better? Boston or New York?
Don't know.. can't say.. haven't spent enough time in Boston to be able to say.
Maybe.. I'll spend a day in Boston alone w/o Sharon who hates Boston and then catch the train up to Maine.

Confessions.... its a beautiful day. Despite a headache and bad case of pms and being really pissed at someone ...not _ _ _ _ _ I'm in such a good mood.

Sitting here in a little piece of fabric, the kind you buy down in key west.. purple (of course) that wraps around me and ties like I'm living in the islands, nothing else on... feet bare, nailpolish on my toes... blue skies out the window, staring at the sunlight shining down on one of my two betas.. the one thats purple/red.. unreal. Wouldn't want to trade this sunshine freedom for anything but... I do miss the snow in New England.

And, I do miss SNOW always ;) (smile, smile, smile)

Don't know what happened to Ptravel in the shuffle.. he was good, used to follow his reports ..maybe even sometimes more accurate than SNONUT but... no one in the world is or can be like SNONUT... his energy.

Lastly on the subject of confessions. I had a doozy of a dream last night.

Wierd as .......well we won't say like who.

So.. its sort of like a lazy Shabbos day (thats the jewish sabbath for anyone reading this) and I feel like Im hanging in my room talking to Sharon. But, I turn... and look over and oh my god.. its not Sharon. Its that person... and they are lying there with this wierd thing on their hair, sort of like a fish net bubby thing... keeps the hair in place, their wavy hair.. and they have this wierd long skirt on but its pulled up to the side real high like way toooo much of their leg is showing and its in pantyhose. Remember that old Joe Namath ad for Hanes or something? Where he was poured into a pair of pantyhose with a smirky smile. And, when I look down with that rolling eyes look I give at their leg showing too much they give that "aw shucks" rolling eyes look they make with their puppy dog eyes and they throw the skirt over them real modest like and I think to myself in my dream, "how the hell did they get into my dream" and worry that I'm lying there after a nice night with my boyfriend, nice evening... and of all the dreams in all the world they have to walk into mine, in pantyhose yet with their stupid puppy dog eyes. My life is way wierder than any movie.

Just sort of there like "WHATS UP DOC?" or (WHATS UP BOBBI?)and I'm like OUT OUT mentally thinking... how do you have that operation where you exorcise people from your mind???? and...then I think I HAVE to go see that movie... butterflies of the elusive mind or something and then I think ... the one with Jim Carrey and then I think OUT OUT OUT GET OUT OF MY MIND

I had pancakes for breakfast, with maple syrup.

Its gonna be alright .... really.

sunday confessions on a beautiful day in Miami

say 3 Hail Marys and call me on Monday :)



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