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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lots of things to talk about

There is so much weather going on today ...there is no loss of what to watch.

Wild winter storms on the East Coast. Mt. St. Helens blowing her top or at least having a steam hissy fit. Nonstop rain falling in the SE... South Florida to be exact. Some rain/mix snow over northern Georgia and in Maine today.. it was COLD. Woke up to hear that Logan International was pretty much snowed in.. stuck in winter mode it seems. the land Down Under... they are having a dangerously strong hurricane that hit Austraila and may even hit it again as it chugs west bound. the world of the wierd... there have been an awfully lot of earthquakes off of the coast of Oregon of particularly high magnitude..or I think. So... makes you wonder about MSH coming alive and burping up steam. I keep checking Drudge's quake wire and a few other sites to see what's up.. feels like something should be up. the world of weather and weather related earth sciences.

A whole lot of weather going on.

Nice rain... know someone who would go orgasmic just listening to the rain fall tonight. A rain freak. It is nice... relaxing. So was my bath with with the lavendar leaves. There was steam rising up out of the tub, was heavenly. Nice to relax. Warmed me up a bit.

I know people up north complain and roll their eyes when people down in Miami complain about the cold weather, but oh my gosh...was soooooo sooooo cold. And, now.. its better. I'm my red Red Sox tee shirt (red is warm..warms you up) and watching the weather go by.

So.... find your favorite weather and favorite way of warming up and enjoy life tonight... even if you are just mesmerized watching the rain fall or staring at Ingrid who is doing the deed Down Under.

Bobbi, signing off...


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