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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hurricane City... Season gets closer

How does someone know when the Hurricane Season is about to start? Getting closer? How do you tell time without a calendar?

People start coming out of their wintery hybernation and begin reading and posting on Yep, as they say up in Maine... they do. I did. Couldn't resist.

Been looking through boards here and there but... there I was.. before I knew what happened I hit post and even remembered codes and passwords.

So..........we must be getting closer to the season.

My call on this season is I think we will have a May storm.. for sure June. Think there will be enough dangling fronts stuck down with little lows off of W Florida to produce a Gulf season or some season with storms down near Florida. Yep. You heard it here.

Then again I could be wrong.

Redsox and Yankees doing the pre-season tango down in Florida this week.
Very cool... just early exhib season.. interesting use of terms but still getting closer to the Boys of Summer coming on strong. Boys of Summer of course being the boys on the message boards tracking hurricanes :)

Good morning to everyone and anyone out there watching both baseball (hang on to your bat there) and the weather... Howdy!

Batter up and all that jazz...



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