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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Earthquake not on Drudge's Quake Sheet

A silent sort of quake that rumbled deep and only was heard by one .. maybe two people. Located at 80.1 25.5. First recording showed it registered at 9.54 but after further investigation of all the data.. it really only registered 5.94.. just felt at first like a 9. No..not a Cat 5. Just a Bobbi Quake that rarely happens in the state of Florida though it did happen in California a few times when I felt that close... inches, miles... just up and down the highway. Quake is over. Do not expect aftershocks.. didn't notice any foreshocks (it is foreshock right???)

The world kept spinning. Earth didn't break off it's axis and move the center of gravity to another spot.

Mars, Jupiter and Venus all stayed where they were supposed to be. The moon did not glow purple or baby blue.

Just another day in the universe.

Rocked my world for a brief while til I caught my breath, faced reality, read a book on color and light. Really. Showed really pretty pics of light in places like Santa Fe and Maine.

Mars in Capricorn at 25.
Venus in Pisces at 19.

Imagine something was bound to go wierd.

Not to mention Mercury in Aries squaring my chart, peter's chart, sharon's chart and You Know Who.. or Jay does. Hell squares the "piece of shit" brother too and I don't mean Jay. Probably squares Jay... gee, we should all go hide under a rock and try hard not to talk to strangers on the street, people online and Aunt's that go bump in the afternoon.

And, as Reverand Ron says somewhere over the rainbow.. "Life goes on"

and on.. and on.

Cleaned the house today to the tunes of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and watching/listening to Sweet Charity on DVD while write this.

Theres got to be some respectable trade.. something a half wit can learn.. get up, get out.. get out and learn it.. do it... love it.. live it.. Theres got to be some good reason to live....

You know... once when I was working in L.A. in my nice office on the 33rd floor on Wilshire looking out over all of Los Angelos I went down to the stationary store in the lobby. Bored and looking to spend some one else's money I decided to buy some office supplies. And, some guy who the owner told me later was a "movie producer" was in there shopping ?!?!?! and he insisted on buying me the baby blue pen on the string that I wore around my neck. I was looking at them, we talked... he offered, i refused... like most controlling director/producers he just took control (CAPITAL C) and bought it... left it at the desk for me. Being in L.A. for years and knowing more than most do about the world of drama since I was a kid.. I didn't care if he was a garbage man or a producer.. not a big deal to me ever and... more annoyed like why would he do that.. but then again it was LA and I did look good that day.. I kept it. Pissed my ex off when I told him that some guy bought it.. can't explain why I was staring at the baby blue one... as opposed to the purple or green.. didn't like pens on strings.. just the color caught my eye. Looked like a tuxedo I saw once somewhere on a mannequin maybelol and so despite my ex getting upset and not really liking pens on a string I kept it a long time. Got lost in some move, somewhere along the line and over the rainbow back to Miami... Looking back, everyone was right. It was not normal. Course I have jupiter and uranus conjunct my ascendant so most things in my life are not "normal" but ... wasn't normal. Wonder who it was.. No one I know personally... was short little guy if I remember, or well....way shorter than some producer slash directors. My life is at times full of "should have knowns" but didn't know. Yes indeed, Superman for Clueless.. at least I was the only one that time with a clue lol.

Life is okay. Ron is right.. Life does go on.

And, everything in the world is connected from the beating of a butterflys wings like Fishing used to say before fishing pushed off for parts unknown.

So............if Jay is reading this .. let him know that here I sit randomly watching Sweet Charity and I realize suddenly that Stubby Kaye is playing the role of Herman in Sweet Charity.

As Daddy used to say... God has a sick sense of humor!

Going to work.
Going to find me tropical weather somewhere on the face of the earth and wonder what it means that Burns feels frisky and Caleb is worrying if I am okay and a message to Rebbetzen Doubtfire.. "if you see someone on before 8:30 pm it is not me.. so stop scaring my kids to death... pretty please, with strawberries on top"

love Bobbi
note to jay... just ran into an old neighbor who lived around the block from us in westchester and it wasn't robin or leslie, seems she taught Mendy to read in the 3rd grade but I didn't know that was her... I guess I should have known. Its okay... fine and dandy :)

love you me (thats for jay... anyone else reading this mind your own business) lol


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