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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Maybe I Should Change My Profile? or Name?

Jay wants me to keep blogging but there are no hurricanes unless you consider that upper level low out in the Atlantic a quasi delusional out of season hurricane.. I don't think the NHC would so let's forget that one. So............. As for my profile... I really shouldn't keep the old one. I should revise it a bit. Like... favorite hobbies: Playing with Peter. I like that name but Z said "noooooooooooooooooo" and giggled and took me a minute and said, "Oh.. I get it. And, then thought hahaha that would be perfect. Or... Playing Footsies with Clark??? Or.........Jealous of Yellin. Jammin with Jay. Longing for Harpo. Oh I Want to See Oklahoma. Road to Rhode Island staring Hermans Hermits lol, giggling. Poor Jay...right about now he is shaking his head, rolling his eyes.. thinking "WHY DOESNT SHE WRITE SOMETHING and MAKE MONEY" One day going to let Jay duel it out with Skippy and see who is left standing or rolling on the floor laughing. Skipping Town with Steven? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm then there's my private life which I actually keep private and off topic... not for the record, private. Go figure. So like what's a girl to do without football, without hurricanes, without people who are CREEPS and who disapeer when they need to run off and save the world or a film or a family crises or ...........................I'm not stupid someone around here skiis, skies, skeees? And.................truth is things do go bump in the night and sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry or however that goes. Have to go................if anyone finds out the exact quote for "of the people, by the people" or "by the people, for the people, of the people" please call Eddie back with the answer.. I knew I wouldn't ever get back to that reference question on the reference desk.. darn, hate those reference calls even though the one from Japan about the funky poetry style did make me find the poem about the Nightingale. Just think.. the worlds first muse... they sang, they wrote, they sang, they dueled, they flirted and some poet got the credit.. go figure. They both should have flown away like Sheba. Best cat movie.. best scene... Breakfast at Tiffany, in the rain.. at the end.. Moon River.. you dream maker, you heartbreaker.. where ever youre going.. youre going my way.. Two drifters, off to see the world.. its such a funky world to see... we're after the same ..rainbow bend, my strawberry friend... moon river and me............................ sigh


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