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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back on the Blog and Checking In

Just a note to say hello and comment that friends think Otto has a chance of forming soon.

Will see.

Watching upper level lows and rain in the Caribbean.
Waiting for a cold front.

Can't sleep, too upbeat tonight and thinking of too many things. Indecisive in my actions on what I should to on most of them and not much I can do on others. But, I can blog an entry and state that I am back.

I'm feeling better. Not perfect...but much better Thank God.
Just too much stress, too much work, not enough play and too much worrying on too many things. You would cry too if it happened to you!

Seriously... for anyone reading this. Thanks for hanging with me through hard times and lousy moods and opposing opinions on many things. For watching quietly and holding your tongue while I lead my life far away from you. Not so far that you can't see me but far enough that you can't look me in the eyes and tell me you are not always happy with me, my choices and my desires. As they say.. its just the way it goes. No excuses and no promises. I'm here.

The Jewish Holidays were nice though stressful in ways. The Shabbos after was really nice. All in all it went really well. Hurricanes even cooperated and our Holiday Huts weren't knocked over as they have been in other years on rare occaisions.

Weather's changing. Slowly.

Got a really nice package in the mail. Presents vs Presence I suppose. Both are nice but you know which I prefer. I'll wear my RedSox Tee Shirts proudly. They are a little big. Double Dee's don't really need a man's XL but well... the red one looks like a mini dress and the tank top is cut real low on the side there.. do they make Red Sox bras? "CHUCKLE" And, the mood ring is really nice... hope no one thinks its a blue wedding band with dancing dolphins. The soap as always smells and feels so good. The music unreal...unsetteling a drop..good word, however its spelled. Tears for Fears.. still reminds me of that Journey CD.

Went to Key West with my brother Ronnie for two days. Was wonderful. Spent the trip like a tourist walking around Duval Street, talking to artists and people working in stores. Showed my brother the view from La Concha. The sun didn't show up but we did at Mallory Square and it was nice. Not crowded. Sat and talked while the sky got grayer and watched white sailboats floating by silently in the distance against cloudy skies. For me a treat. I like weather.. remember? Had eggs and spicy fries at the Deli with whole wheat toast and jam. Coffee. Nice. Swam in the motel pool like a tourist. Talked with my brother about our grandmothers and our father who died this past year... it was his birthday. We took a birthday vacation. Ate dinner at Turtle Craals which was soo cool and had a Key Lime Margaritta. A real vacation. Left him there taking real estate appraising seminars and came back to Miami for work. Didn't stay too long, was a perfect trip. Like touching homebase and breathing a sigh of relief. My heart is home in Key West.

Homes there like homes here are still partially boarded up. Planks of wood securing the old fashioned hurricane shutters on the houses. Businesses not boarded up. Bit by bit we in Florida are slowly learning to trust again, take the shutters off and smile at the sunshine and believe in it again.

While away my sister in law had my kids take her shutters down.

Came back to Miami refreshed a bit. Rested. Inspired. And, wondering with a smile what it would be like to go a few places there with someone special. Well... smiling, more special than my brother or special in a special way.

Was fun to just hang out and be with a sybling. Jay is jealous I am sure though he is off in Greece enjoying life there.

It's 1:15 and I should go to bed.

I'll try and keep blogging for a while. While I have something to say.

No excuses. No promises.
Always a smile .. Bobbi


At 3:28 PM, Blogger alena said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!


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