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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fenway Park Rocks

Short post...

Fenway Park was sooooo great, so great... everything.

The man/guys across the street in some corporate sox lot who let us park there fast so we could take pics and then told us where to go to get inside ... they disapeered when we left so we could never thank them properly.

John at the Red Sox store who was great... a great sport.

Everything was so perfect.
Maine was nice too. :)

Will post soon just wanted to say...
1... fenway park and the red sox rock
2... your socks rock also to YKW lol, thank you...they kept me warm 24/7
3... oh help

and to Dina.... it sort of pours out of me.. the writing...

i start to type..and it flows and flows and grows and curls around my toes

essence of redsox like a poem or a rhyme

im going to bed
im cute
cuter (thats to you know who) and im not blonde (HAHA duh) and... i dont have to get high or be drunk to be cute HAHA lol and i was soooooooooooooooooooooooo damn cute in that store it was funny.. felt drunk.

no peter rabbits or evil twins around anywhere in sight

just sharon... grinning telling john "oh come on ..put your arm around her shoulder" thinking how bad she was being

a good sport
shes a very very good sport, remember that

love yall .. back home in florida...
thats F L O R I D A (like the song)
Nuff Said

just think my pink red sox hat is nesting on top of the other one they sent me with the official one

so sweet!
chow for now bobbi


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