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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

No hurricane season, no reason to blog except for my brother Jay

Who wants me to blog away and write all day but I got nothing to say.

Not really.
Nothing I would say online anyway.

Football season is almost over.
Hurricane season has passed.
Soon I got myself no season .. no reason not to finish my novel.
But, will I?
Hmmmmnnn we'll see...

Going to Maine this weekend.
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT Mt. Washington.. Maine.
Yes I know my favorite little hurricane friend wants me to go to Mt. Washington but I sorta kinda think its gonna be a bit too cold.

Maine is going to be too cold.
Heck..the reference desk is too cold .. running a space heater here folks.

First Boston... then a run in the bus up to Portland because my best friend Sharon just HAD to move to Maine. Her side of US 1. We all know my side of US1 is the south side... Key West.

Sharon is a northerner through a through. No camelias or gardenias in her hair. No y'alls and no grits and no pecan pie. Though she loves to bake pies. Northern ones with pieces of fruit in them. Unlike the southern ones we make with creams and meringues and corn syrup. No real fruit. You know... peaches, apple..probably even makes pear pie.

So I could see it at its worst or its best... I am going now. Also because Sharon can't wait til the small space of time between the "really bad part of winter" and a yucky thing known as the "MUD SEASON" we are going nowwwwwwwwwwwwww so we can talk... and shop and Walmart, Hannafords and Target. glad we finally got Publix out of our nocturnal talking trips to the market.

I need shoes.
My idea of winter shoes is they cover the toes, have ankle straps and show parts of my feet.
Seems that is not a winter shoe up north. I found the perfect low boots.. warm, thick but cute heel and tried to pay for them at the thrift shop (not spending more money on boots than the JetBlue airfare, sorry) and the clerk showed them to Natasha who lived "up north" and wouldn't let me buy them because she said they didnt have enough traction.

Okay... so here I am looking for traction shoes that look cute and don't cost a fortune..

Hate wearing layers.
Hate wearing mitts.
Hate wearing coats.

Taking my fake fur and my friend gave me his LL Bean trenchcoat that has lining and is big enough to put LAYERS under...

Buying Red Sox stuff.. and might wear my Red Sox hat even if it doesn't have ear muffs! my real name is Barbara and that is the patron st of lightning and storms I am very pleased to put the beautiful lyrics to the new Jimmy Buffett song from the book by the same name. Was a present from my son Levi for my birthday. Beautiful song.. might read the book on the way to the wrong side of US1 or as they say up there in Yankee world... Red Sox Yankee world... haha we won :) (sorry) Route ONE.

beautiful lyrics.. like a classic.. he just gets better and better...

Jimmy Buffett - A Salty Piece Of Land
(written by: Jimmy Buffett)
Buy this album! Buy Jimmy Buffett Posters!
I was listening for answeres
That I could not really hear
When the words of a wise old Indian
Put a conch shell to my ear
And I took off for the ocean
I was searching for the coast
Painting pictures of my vision
With the words from Grandma Ghost
Having fought my dragons
Riding for the sea
Singing ballads from my childhood
A pirate's life for me
Survivors seem to function best
When peril is at hand
Where the song of the ocean
Meets a salty piece of land
I was force-fed my religion
But I somehow saved my smile
Tapped into my instincts
As I headed towards exile
Cleopatra did not own a barge
But a schooner was her home
She has centuries of stories
And there's wisdom in her bones
She was on a sacred mission
That she told me of a place
Where a man could hide forever
But never lose his faith
So I saddled up my seahorse
With a fly rod in my hand
I was not looking for salvation
Just a salty piece of land
Some days Cayo Loco shimmers
Like the stars up in the sky
And the seabirds they do touch-and-gos
As the world just tangos by
But there are times when she is hidden
Beneath the wild and crashing waves
And the Patron's Saint of Lightning
Keeps the sailors from their graves
Some say it was a blinding sword
Running out into the sea
While others say her guiding light
Leads towards eternity
Still I sit in contemplation
And I just don't understand
This mysterious attraction
Of this salty piece of land
Still I search for constellations
And the tiny grains of sand
Where the song of the ocean
Meets the salty piece of land

PS.. telling you Ed could have written that song.. the Ed I loved.. not the Ed everyone hates.
Sorry Jay...old habits die hard.. remember that. Not searching for Ed or salvation anymore just reminds me of him... "And the seabirds they do touch-and-gos As the world just tangos by But there are times when she is hidden Beneath the wild and crashing waves And the Patron's Saint of Lightning Keeps the sailors from their graves" bobbi..


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