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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


So cool. So very very exciting and cool.. no.. I take that back. HOT HOT HOT

I'm so happy the Red Sox won. Really happy.

It always seems online like there are two types of hurricane baseball fans.
One likes the Yankees... the other Red Sox fans.

All those New England Hurricane fans who register in online and love the Red Sox. And, very classy like put up with much ribbing from the Yankee fans on how many wins the Yankees have had and how few the Red Sox have had and well what they dont seem to get is its not about quantity.. its about quality. Not a team thats been bought but a team that came together to play their heart out.

Contrast that with the Miami Dolphins who are being paid Lord only knows how much this season to lose game after game. Where is their heart? Their faith and hope? I was beginning to think we should start a writing campaign to see if David Ortiz wants to play for the Dolphins during the off season after the World Series. Looked at him today and thought "My Gosh.. he could play offensive lineman I bet"

And, Johnny Damon.. what a guy, speaks so beautiful, looks so cute and plays so well.

Bet David Ortiz being from the Carib would love to play for the Fins lol.

Pedro... the whole pitching team. What an effort.. Starters and closers..Lowe, Schilling ..oh all of them and that one with the wierd knuckle balls.

Loving the Red Sox is beyond something that is rational. They just get under your skin and you can't help it. Like love in general.

Somethings are hard to explain.. maybe unexplainable. Like loving hurricanes and tropical weather and lightning and thunder. Its not something you have to stop and think upon. You see a swirl out there beginning to swirl faster and come together and you become mesmerized, entranced and you can't take your eyes off of it. It's an amazing wonder of nature. And, its not about the big, bad hurricanes because they are beautiful.. its about the big Bermuda High that steered them all towards Florida. Its not the hurricanes that were in the wrong place..its us, living so close to the shore.. living here in Florida where we love it so ... and putting up with them and the constant threat of them like the whole entire state of California knowing an earthquake can rearrange their lives. Should all of California empty itself into Wyoming? I don't think so. And, well...Floridians ain't leaving either. This truly was and is the Summer of Change and the Change has started... four hurricanes Charley, Bonnie, Frances, Jeanne.. and even Ivan in nearby Alabama. What were those odds? What were the odds that the RedSox could come back from 3 games down? But they did... life isn't about curses.. odds maybe and wishes and dreams can come true if you really believe not in curses but in the ability of a team to come together and win.. On to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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