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Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy Red Sox, Happy Dolphins...Wheres Otto?

Enjoying the Red Sox ... Enjoying the fact that the Dolphins win (what does it say when you had more faith that the RedSox would make it into the world series than the Dolphins would win any games...???)

And... everyone is peering through Gale Centers looking for Otto.
Which to me sounds like the perfect Halloween storm.

Still watching waves moving westbound towards the Caribbean. Where theres waves there is always the chance of action. A good day without a deep trough or a dangling trough or the MJO coming round the bend and something can and probably will happen.

Weather is beautiful in Miami these days..until about 11am. Suddenly it gets hot and you like remember its not winter yet. Cool mornings. The feel in the air of the change of seasons.

This is our version of fall. Football. Autumn recipes sent to us online like the White Bean Pumpkin Soup from Weight Watchers... (dont think so) and the boys of October almost dancing into November.. (can they get any closer?) and people FINALLY taking down hurricane shutters. Still up, all over town. The people with the wood on the windows. Am beginning to believe boogey monsters ate the families living there and are feasting off of their bones after finishing off the hurricane supplies. I mean we are talking a lot of plywood still up. Even got my son to go up on the roof and put the turbines back on.

So.........happy autumn
happy hurricanes
happy i love the RedSox
happy dolphins
happy happy

God Bless America!
I love the Red, white and blue!!!

and a whole lot of people too!

peek a boobi bobbi lol giggling, haha i got THEM
im funnier, sometimes lol
Bobbi....not to mention cuter in a a Red Sox Tank Top :)


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