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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Happiness in Hurricane Harbor on REDSOX win :)

Musing around here...very happy still. Very happy.

Hoping to find new ways to celebrate.

Ate a Smores bar... for S'more Red Sox wins.

Had a part of a doughnut someone brought to work. Doughnuts but I only had a part.
Do you know what would be good? Stay with me on this... You take one of those coconut doughnuts.. the cake kind, dip it in chocolate frosting like a Mounds Doughnut. Would that be REALLY good or what?

I'm giving out bubble gum if you know the password today :)

Gave George a Kit Kat Bar. He wants to find the man who isn't Ellison who called him at home .. he told me he is going to take him "out back" ummmm told him to be kind if he shows up lol.

What a day...what a way.

Everyone from New England that is a Red Sox fan (that includes Vermont AND Rhode Island) is forgiven today. Reprieve...forgiven. Even that annoying one who used to IM me in the middle of the night with the heavy New England accent who wanted you know what..even him.

btw... in the next movie could like Charles Durning play George. He'd be soooo cute as George.

One day I will know as much about LaCrosse as I do about the Dolphins and the RedSox which could come in hand if I ever get to you know where with you know who. Well I know :P

Oh..okay probably know too since you know EVERYTHING.

And...thanks for that nice man who wanted to go on the computer and gave me his really heavy Viagra pen with the special gripping dots on it and weights a TON. He left, don't think he did the computer. Hope he got paid well. Nice pen. Z cracked up when I asked her what the dots were for.. lol. It's really weighted.. is there like some navigational device inside? If I dip it in water will that fry it or well...

Got to go.. lunch is finished... sort of... great doughnuts. Back to work.

Bobbi boo

sigh, in love with the world today


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