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Friday, October 15, 2004

First Front Makes It Through

First front edging its way into the Miami area.. very cool. Well, not very cool but cooler and really nice to watch.

One of those things that you wait for and hope for and know that soon will happen. Unlike the many things in life that you would hope for and have no guarantee that will happen. This is pretty much a "for sure" you just never sure when it actually will happen. And, it does. Like those little coincidences that you just know will show up in life and always do. Does no one live in Iowa or Oregon or even Washington State? No... in my life all roads leave back to Georgia, Rhode Island or Oklahoma. Well..rarely Oklahoma but my mind does wander there frequently. Either way... its a nice day and a nice front blowing through town, edging its way south. The windows are open, men up on the bucket truck down the block in front of my bedroom window working on the electric pole or telephone pole, or whatever pole they have found today to work on down the block. Must be cool to work up on those bucket trucks, high up and catching the breeze. Some cute guy told me once that he likes it because he's closer to heaven up in the clouds. Who can argue with that one? So... as little green men look down from Mars and watch my life today... may they know all is fine and beautiful, all is hunky dory, the air is filled with the scents of Shabbos. Honey/Mustard Chicken, Gefilte Fish logs baking in the oven, 123 Breakfast cake and Eggplants waiting to be mashed into Babaganush. Potatoes boiling for potato salad and I even made Chicken Soup. And, birds are singing.. I'm smiling. I'd make paragraphs here but for some reason today blogger doesn't let. Maybe they are in leaque with the little green men on the telephone poles lol. Good Shabbos. Don't worry... Be Happy. And watch the front as it edges on down the state...Might still get another Cane or Tropical Storm but for today.. we are watching the front.


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