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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Waiting For Bastardi (to update)

Waiting for Bastardi on Accuweather to update. Want to see what the pre-release publicity is on his updated Thursday forecast. Heard he brings Jeanne is as a Major... My question for Mr. Jim is...WHERE

Not happy with water vapor
or what I call the big fat whale's ass.. water vapor :)

and.......see that high pressure has eaten North Carolina, moving down into South Carolina

Jeanne moving very slowly... see the eastern side of the high grabbing Karl's ass but don't see it paying much attention to Jeanne other then to sort of slide her a drop west... but eastern edge of the high which is eating the Carolina's for lunch is going to press down a bit on Jeanne's NW side which makes me wonder why everyone thinks she will move NW up into the coast and maybe scrape around as opposed to going more west or wnw and then west again and then what??

Worrying on why the Nogaps is stubborn.

So...waiting to see what Mr. Bastardi has to say and will temper that with others and what I think before I say where Jeanne goes.. watching.

As for Ivan.. what a guy... flirting with Hurricane status once again.

Later... going to lunch. Argentinian place I think.

Chow for Now, Bobbi

( i said it in highschool and ill say it again... looks better my way)

ps...will feel better when the NHC has high confidence in their forecast.


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