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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

IVAN REFORMS.... Back in the Gulf

Really historic day for Hurricane Trackers and I have so little to say. Probably said most of it to someone I'm friends with online earlier and in a letter to my brother. Been a long day. Then again... got better as the day wore on. Very excited when I saw them upgrade Ivan as Ivan.

How exciting is it to be able to be a part of history? And, this season is.. not just in the gruesome part with landfalls and high death toll but in sheer number and strength of the storms and now.. the imfamous tracks of Ivan reborn and a blend of Bonnie and Betsy (two of my more favorite storms).

I give credit where its due and NHC was right. By the parameters they used to christen Mitch 2 the same name and not use Nicole (same year..go figure) they were right to rename Ivan... Ivan again. Because so he is. And, if you don't believe me... well... if you'd see the loops that Norcross showed on Friday there would be no doubt. And... there was a definite twist on the radar BEFORE it hit Florida and dumped over six inches of rain on parts of Pt. St. Lucie and the Stuart area. Wasn't a "sort of twist" and it should have been upgraded THEN to TD at the least but no...we had to be SURE. IF the NHC was a guy looking for a girl they would be still looking for the perfect babe at to be SURE. Is anyone ever sure? Such is the beauty of money problems, no children to think of, no past wounds...your eyes meet... you fall in love, hopelessly and you never think twice. Those guys at the NHC (FIU group...not Virginia Key) need to know how to fall in love more, to report what they see and not wait for model confirmation and quick scat analysis and reports from... What did the old gang do way back in 64???

So...they were right with Ivan. It IS Ivan. Didn't come from any other system. Call a spade a spade and right now Ivan is the King of Spades.

Jeanne? She's doing what they said she would do and NOW they are calling her fickle??? Excuse me. They said she would loop. She still looping. She's just not following their plan exactly.

As for Avilla... Avila? Oh Lex Lixiom lol giggling, can't. Just can't. Laughing over private jokes. Smiling, can't say much more. Know he always liked a good ballet and imagine he is enjoying Jeanne's moves.

A song?

Someone wants to know my favorite beatle song.

Hey Jude gets you.
Eleanor Rigby is good but sad.. so good.
I want to hold your hand.
Imagine... MY prom theme.

Think this should be some ode to the Bee Gees...
Maybe Staying Alive... think Ivan is a disco dancer... strutting his stuff across the Gulf..

Guess Ivan did what Cat Stevens cant do.. Get back into the country lol.
lol maybe we should go with Get Back Jojo??

Oh..we will see.

Think tomorrow morning the cone will be shifted to the left once more... again...

Will see.

Thanks to all my friends for putting up with me.

Smallville was good. Very good. Nice to see a father come back to life.. nice in the movies huh.
Wish ours could, huh?

What else? Nothing else.

Not much else to say that I haven't said so far today to someone.

Tired, talking to a friend and both wondering what the 5am will bring.

Nite.. Bobbi


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