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Thursday, September 23, 2004

For Jim and my lurking brother Jay

Okay... took a break and stopped looping. Went for a walk. Thought a lot. Visible, Water Vapor or the IR which is best and WHY does the NOGAPS hate Florida? I thought on the various possibilities. Kept in mind what Jim always says regarding decisions of this kind.
Bought the black ankle straps with the really thin straps and real high heels which are very comfortable .. believe it or not. Those really pointy end pink high heels weren't that bad but a strong gale who knows who I could hurt? And, it seems according to the NRL site we might be getting strong winds pretty darn soon so.

Did my hair this morning, got some new pink nail polish. Making a list of storm supplies "just in case" and got brand new black ankle straps.

What would I do without this board?
btw... visible on the Orca site is getting awesome.. Jeanne's beginning to look like a real dancing girl. Wonder if she got new shoes for the occaision too.
go to goes 8 visible. We're both wearing pink today.

PS.. got 3 emails ...all think she *could* bobble wobble south before heading west towards Florida. All from people I respect A LOT. ???


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