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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Watching and getting a bad feeling

Major Hurricane forming and I still think its going to pull right of the track. Within the cone of possible landfall NHC put out but on the far right. And, no amounts of explanations about trofs and models is going to convince to believe something my eyes see happening.

Did this with Irene.. yes the "core" went where they said but all the weather went NE.

NHC is great, they are and will follow any developments.

Bonnie went to the right of track. So will Charley. If I'm wrong.. in the words of Eddie's father "Oh well..." but yesterday I carefully progged the storm and winds and paths of previous storms and watched the Unisys water vapor til my eyes crossed and decided to stick my neck out and say online what I thought. Thread the keys and go in at a more 11:30 angle towards SW florida..

Today watching the storm leaning more to the NE as the eye moves steadily between NW and NNW (even tho official heading is NW) and all the flow and I mean ALL is coming up from the South.

Ft. Laud has winds out of the South, so does Miami.

Watch the radar.. all of it is going N to S.. why would Charley continue going NW or NNW if everything else is going N???


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