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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Top Ten List ... Why "The Wave" hasn't moved

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explanation... You see we have this beautiful wave...gorgeous and well developed for a wave, its actually over developed for a wave. If this was Texas and we were barbequing it would be Blackened Wave... but we are waiting for the NHC to make it its just a wave.

So...posting this because its cute...m y thoughts... not much else I would stop to say today except that I'm in a good mood and this is my blog.. I'll blog it however I want. If I want it to be a diary.. its a diary. If I want it to be funny... its funny. Etc... Too many rules everywhere else online so... this is mine. My time.. lying here in bed half dressed, going through bills and papers and odds and ends with a package of candles about to be sent out and listening to a beautiful compilation of Jimmy Buffett songs someone I know who loves Jimmy sent me. Beautiful.. great songs...

Have a great day...enjoy the rest.. sometime around October that wave might get her butt off of the Cape Verde Islands.

Til then I'm not wasting away in Margarittaville though a few of my kids are down there today.

10 Reasons Why the Wave hasn't moved
Posted by bobbistorm on 8/24/2004, 8:47 am
1. No one cut the ropes and its still anchored to the docks ...someone find a axe fast.
2. Got a cheap deal of August travel discounts for a Cape Verde cruise.
3. Mama's still giving it instructions on where to go and what to do once she gets there.
4. Has a crush on the wave behind it, wants to travel in tandem across the sea.
5. Annoyed with the NHC for the way it forecast Charley and is on strike.
6. Watching the Olympics in real time on that side of the Pond.
7. Heard Key West was out of candles and is waiting for them to be resupplied.
8. Waiting for fall when orange, gold and reds will look more in season.
9. Still debating what kind of shoes it will need to impress this board.. ankle straps... Candies... maybe platforms... so hard for a girl to make up her mind.
and number 10...
Doesn't like the name Frances anymore than France does


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