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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thursday Night..round up and round out

Can't think which song to use today if any. Some song that was playing on the radio today that sounded just perfect and told myself I'd remember forever and now can't remember. Probably because my mind was elsewhere.

Alex gave us a Major Hurricane. That's one down.. how many to go?

Nice surprise.
Surprises can be good, sometimes. Well, they don't let you think..that's good.
Some people think TOO much.

Didn't track too much today. What was there to track?
Alex was more a show to watch as he makes his way towards Europe.

TD2.. never quite Bonnie no matter how much we wanted to believe fell apart over the Caribbean and is currenly climbing the Citadel in Haiti. Tough girl.. give her credit. Either that or she found the formular that the other TD wanna be had to have Scotty beam her across Haiti and end up in the Turks lol.. strange summer.

Great summer.. crazy summer.. summer of change.

So... will someone find a way to resurrect TD2 of does our Bonnie lie over the ocean somewhere in a CV wave waiting to form?

We'll see.
Nope..not posting any tunes today. Maybe tomorrow. Any tunes I have today are in my own head and keeping them there as I write this from bed about to go to sleep so I can wake up and see how the little TD2 is doing..if anything.

Wild rain clouds in Miami today.

One daughter came home from sleepaway camp. A son had a birthday and turned 10. The youngest. We made a party. It was great. Fun. Nice.

My mind is mush. Someone found a way to morph his way down to Miami and stir up all sorts of turbulence in my local environment. So, as I sit here suffering from a case of terminal smiling I will leave anyone reading this with one thought...

Sometimes... you never know what's around the corner, around the bend or standing behind you.

You never know when a forecast will be busted or some wave will bomb out or build into a Major Cane on its first try. Talk about beginners luck. You just don't know.

If that happens. Smile. Pray. And, hang on for the ride of your life

Somewhere some unfigured little wave from nowhere pops up and becomes a Major without any models predicting it. Yet..somewhere...someone always knows. Because its in the gut, something you can't explain or elaborate on but you know.

Looks like a funky busted season so far.
But its not.

A lot will happen and so.. hunker down and enjoy the show.

ps..was a great song.. sounded maybe like Springsteen or Chili Peppers.. who remembers.


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