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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Okay... On his way to Tampa? where does he go first??

I'm tired. My eyes are blurred. I am smiling because of.. many things.. and not all Charley but we do love to track and watch and we are a bit crazy. We all track, some chase, some record. I write. I observe. I am always amazed by these intense storms that travel so far across the globe. And, in this case... Charley is zooming along very fast. Making every decision at the Hurricane Center and Emergency Management Offices along the way that much more difficult. No time to wait.. decisions need to be made.

So...on his way to Tampa (maybe) where will he go first?

Reposting this from my boards and will post thoughts in the morning. Maybe post my favorite links.

Long day, going to go to bed and smile.. my mind is here.. other parts of me are elsewhere ;)

ok.. wrote this..adding to this.. watching TWC ... want to mention not only does he look like he is moving NW he is beginning to stretch in the direction.. something to think on.tomorrow morning mothers all over Miami are going to wake up, look at the news/weather and think...

school supplies vs hurricane supplies..

going to get a lot of attention tomorrow.. getting close to prime time for Charley......

Okay... so is like this...

Someone, somewhere in South Florida is going to have to deal with a strong threat of Charlie affecting their weather on the way to parts north.The problem is not where Charlie will end up as much as where he goes on his way there.1... west of keys2...thru keys (eww...whimpering here)3...oh lets not talk about north keys and SE fla..long shot anywayAs I see it right now.. Charley is going more NW than WNW. He is going so fast that I figure by the time my son and I online got done arguing that one he had traveled the distance from downtown Miami to North Miami Beach.. again "ewww"

So... aside from the "how strong?" "how big" and "how fast" my biggest question here is at what angle is he aiming for Tampa Bay.Nice to say Tampa Bay but if he comes in around Marathon than the upper Keys and SE florida is on NE quandrant with tons of weather.

Watch.. he'll probably stall in the straits when steering currents go flat.. mark my words, would be ironically pathetically funny replay of Donna. But Donna stalled a lot, Charley never has..

Charley has gone chug chug zoom zoom across approximately over 400 miles in one day. I know I'm not a math major but... approx 25 mph foward speed over 24 hours.. you do that math.. I

'm glad I'm not Billy Wagner tonight because he has big decisions to make down in the Keys.

Normally he could wait a bit but with this ongoing forward speed and the tracks encompassing the lower keys.. he has to act as soon as possible. And he always does which is why I admire him greatly. So...if some announcement is made tomorrow morning that they will start a evacuation of non-residents in the lower keys tomorrow sometime.. all know that Miamians everywhere are going to stop, look, listen and run to Publix. Or at least make shopping lists.

Could go west of the Keys.. and then slam into those bay cities on the West Coast but..I think that's not the most likely scenario with her current motion being closer to NW than WNW. And, while I've been writing this he probably went further than the average commute to work for most the people reading this... think on that one.

Don't think too long or it will have gone another five miles.

Where will he hit Cuba?
At what angle?
How big will he get?
How big/strong will he get?
How many times will the models be pulled left and right over the next 24 hours before we know who is really under the gun as he makes his way towards a probable West Coast landfall.I think a track blending Cleo from the South and then Donna track takes over... My guess..Good night.. we should all get some rest, we won't rest much tomorrow night.

And if Billy is reading this somewhere...sorry I can't make you laugh tonight but do me a favor and go light some candles in the grotto for me...Bobbi


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