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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kids collecting cans and school supplies for Victims of Charley

My daughter Rivky came home from North Miami Beach Middle School yesterday and told me that her civics teacher started a project to collect 2 cans of food (or any perishable) for victims of Charley. She said he made a deal with them that if they hit their goal they could shave his head. I haven't checked..but imagine he has a good head of hair there..

He's talked to them nonstop about the importance of helping out.. They began bringing things in.. she brought in some canned Tuna. Didn't ask me ...knew we had extra and it was a good choice.

Today she came in excited that her friend put a sign up in her apt building about the project and people began giving foods to her to take. Some lady gave her $20 and told her to go to Target and buy clothes to send. Tonight on the radio she heard a story about a teacher in a local middle school started a project that has spread to other schools and inspired them to have their students bring in 2 cans of perishable foods... and on and on it goes. Funny how when you go to help someone it snowballs.

But the best legacy he will leave these kids.. the kids who were born the year of Andrew or like my daughter was a 6 month old baby during the thought that they can make a difference in their world.. their village.

My son Zalmy came home from Elementary school yesterday with the news that they were going to help collect school supplies for Sallie Jones Elementary School in Punta Gorda. A present from Greynolds Park Elementary in Miami. I imagine there is some connection between someone in Greynolds and Sallie Jones. Maybe there is more to this going on and other schools have been matched but I doubt it. My son goes to a great school. Today he came home excited with a letter to the parents. Each class was assigned a specific school supply. The 5th grade, his class, was given the task of bringing in backpacks. This I think is because they were all given presents this year because they became an A school on the FCAT. Each year after a great FCAT result the 5th grade gets a prize for helping to raise up the grade. Last year tee shirts.. this year backpacks with the thank you for the award on them. So.. imagine they figure that all those parents who went out and bought backpacks for their kids not knowing they would come home with backpacks... (smile parents) ... have extra backpacks to send to Sallie Mae.

The kids are excited. They are seriously happy to be involved. They are young but they live with stories of Andrew and they respect hurricanes. And, they are being taught the gift of giving and helping others.

The tuna my daughter took to school was extra tuna. She knew we had extra.

She didn't know why.

A few days before Charley when Miami was in the cone... I bought extra tuna. Afraid we would lose power in a strong band that got too close I bought some extra tuna.

So..............the tuna I bought for Charley goes to the victims of Charley.

How perfect is that?

Karma as we call it... Synchonicity... Just Perfect.

And... the kids came in tonight to see what was happening with Frances.

As my son said, "he likes to follow hurricanes" and watches carefully.

Rivky is excited she shaved her legs for the first time and is thinking on whether she wants to try out for cheerleaders or debate. She's in drama already.

Kids... Zalmy is not the first child I have who comes in to see whats happening on the tropical update.

Dina in NY sat through a whole night of Jim Cantore doing Charley. She doesn't have cable. She lives on her own in Brooklyn.. a big girl.. young woman. She went to a friends house who does have cable so she could watch Jim Cantore doing Charley.

They are my kids.. can't lose them in a crowd.

And...we are watching Frances carefully.

Frances for Florida??? Can we go there?

Been real worried that we would have an early Indian Summer in the US and that would allow a storm to make landfall in late August/Early September... could that storm be Frances?

Stay tuned

Bobbi for now from the Indian Summer Cane.


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