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Monday, August 09, 2004

Joe Gibbs is back and so is BONNIE

Tropical Storm Bonnie formed today out of the remnants of Tropical Depression2.

It was pronounced alive again ... its small, petite but could pack a punch.

Steven Lyons called it pint sized. I think pixie like maybe.

And... Monday Night Football is on ABC. Joe Gibbs is back in charge of his team.

What a night for reunions and resurrections.

The message board fanatics have TD2 back... most of them are vindicated (they knew she'd come back) and those who said she wouldn't are just as happy... they have a storm to track, study and analyze.

I have a quandry here... problem... Tropical Update is on in 2 minutes and I am going to have to leave the football game. :( Hmmmm...what's a girl to do?

Switch fast ;)

So... Tropical Storm Bonnie formed. As expected.

Bigger story?

Tropical Depression 3 also formed and to many looked a whole lot better than Bonnie.
But the NHC who has been spurned a few times this season down in that area is waiting for the planes to go in I think.. or maybe might upgrade at 11. Going to wait here and see..

Tropical Depression formed as it went through the Leeward Islands and it was found from ground observation to have a circulation.. and gusts of 55mph. Enough to bump it up to Tropical Depression status. And, to think this morning it barely got a mention in the 5am.

1opm.. Bonnie 50mph... going NW at 6..
Watching Steve Lyons on Tropical Update. Tiny circulation. Not happy with what he's saying. It's true a small system is over faster but... BUT...its a little early to say that because between the north coast of the Yucatan and moving NW and then curving back NE towards Florida there is a lot of wet, warm real estate that it is going to travel across and it can end up being a lot bigger than it is now. But, imagine he is trying to give "good news" and hoping it will stay small. But can anyone really be SURE?? No...all the Opal nuts who are to Northern Florida what Andrew nuts are to Miami folks.. Every storm is a potential OPAL or Andrew.. Not so. But we do that as Burns says (burns by friend, vsandman.. you know BURNs) we always try and relive the last bad storm. So deeply does a disaster become rooted in our minds that we block out reality and see Opal and Andrew like kids at the beach sream SHARK! But, it could happen.

Will see...

so... that is my night, a great night.. so great that I turned down a trip to Publix with Sharon.

Tropical storm and Tropical Depressions.
Monday Night music to my ears, magic to my soul, a smile to my lips and as I said on HurricaneCity.. orgasmic like to sit and watch Monday Night Football and weather loops looping nearby. And... no... weather is not all there is in life. No..not at all. Neither is football.
Nope. It's good.. don't get me wrong. It's very good. But there really are somethings that make me smile more and I'm smiling and smiling and my face hurts from smiling.

Wow.. OH WOW.. Bryan Norcross is on at 11.. ouch.. not good sign.

3.. 3.. he's watching 3 "speeding into the Caribbean" "mass of clouds" "recent development" of storms around the center. In an area where they don't normally strengthen. 12.4 64.1 35mph 29.83 (thats low i think) ... planes going in... Through Staurday... gets "more complicated" and cone includes all of the Keys... if it stays on right side of the Cone..

Why are we concerned he asks?
Speeds through the Carib... then the Jet Stream dips down.. that is the big question..

now.........he looks at Bonnie
He giggles
Calls it with a giggle "small little thing"

Love listening to Bryan's words... better than NHC.. reading between Bryan Norcross and his words...

switching channels fast...

Okay watching Spanish channel. No not good at spanish.. un poquito.. (Bonnie of course) but they have really good graphs and sats... and I understand enough "aqui in gulf of mexico" and just said its real hot th water... he didn't giggle at Bonnie but went back to Charlie and called it big.. not El Gordo but well... mas.. as in mas importante maybe...

Well thats it. No upgrade and I can see that.. 3 is still coming together in a negative area for climo, not climotologically correct to intensify there. Can hear John Hope talking on that one though I imagine old John would look amused and impressed still to see it there quietly pulling together. Imagine John would see tracks of Camille and Donna in his mind blending together and though he would look real calm, real cool.. very detached and analytical he would be jazzed that 3 looked so possibly "all that"

Okay...back to the game. Back to my smiling and staring and thinking...
Great game.. Denver just scored.. so close.. great game, great night..

what a night.. reminds me of that does it go?

It's not late December but its soooo "oh what a night"

Oh what a night,
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
he was everything I dreamed he'd be
Sweet surrender, what a night!
I felt a rush like a rolling ball of thunder
Spinning my head around and taking my body under

Oh what a night...........


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