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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I'm going to Publix. Watches up for the Lower Keys

I'll be on and off all day keeping a log of my thoughts.

Charley continues to move steadily FAST towards S. Florida. Could hype here or panic. I won't..just its coming... "date with destiny" or a "date with disaster" either way the date is real soon... Friday sometime. Two days away and we don't have any watch up ...

Maybe the SW coast gets it and I will have bought some extra water which can be used for the next storm. I'm buying bandaids.. seems my kids asked why I bought peroxide all week and mentioned we are out of bandaids..

Make a list
Check it twice
Charley's gonna hit somewhere soon

But first...
Cuba is in the way and Jamaica is going to get some weather..fullforce or half force, who knows

Billy Wagner was on TV at NHC this morning...God Bless Him... precursor to Miami-Ft Laud going nuts.. Lord knows whats happening in Naples.

So...if anyone out there besides my brother is reading this ..these are my thoughts.

1... we just got the kitchen done..
2... i just got into this bedroom after
3... i know someone with a much better chest than cantore
4... i need water and small bottles for each kid to have
5... if we dont get the storm there will be no food left in publix on thursday
6... wondering if James Franklin will become head of hurricane center
7... i love billy wagner..he has become so old florida .. on the scene
8... i have to get dressed
9...which portion gets it ...quote franklin live
10.. zooming in on his eyes... he wont say "west coast" vs east coast.. says little "too early"
oh gosh... this is not good...

im going shopping
ill be on flhurricane and hurricanecity all day

son called from plane, jet blue..should be here at 10..the weather nut that knew landsea published some paper as a kid... giving me data on 5am update...

its going to be a long long day

and Ronnie is up in Orlando.. not in town.. maybe we should keep him there so they get it and not us

going shoppin...


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