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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hurricane Charlie crosses Cuba..and Miami has weather... here I sit.. staring out the south window at the distant lightning.
Looking at this picture:

All the weather from this storm is over south florida.. all... well except the eye.. rolling eyes

So..we sit here in the NE quandrant getting lots of threatened reains

We have a:
tropical storm watch
flood watch
tornado watch

im watching

and im thinking

about many things...not sure weather

nope... lots of things ... have twc on mute, wxr radio on

explain to me why all day local news had live charley stuff but now when we have a massive band moving in they are doing regular programming

beautiful down there.... watching
my mind being elsewhere is not normal for me
what am i going to do?
for tonight...nothing.. going to smile, obsess and sign off the computer

Charlie crossing Cuba.. want to know how Havana is doing..

Happy Birthday Fidel !!


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