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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Charley became a hurricane today at 2pm when they found an eye and winds exceeding hurricane force. He is about 90 miles S of Cuba.

Some people think the models will be adjusted further to the West however..GDFL came in with one to the East I believe.

This is where the models begin to split and there is more disagreement over path and timing.

Finally...finally he slowed down to 18mph forward speed.

Great posting online today and thoughts shared across the weather community. All in all NHC doing a good job, careful and cautious as so they should be. Can't wait to watch the news tonight and see what Norcross and Kamal have to say.

Someone made the comment that this year will be the first year most likely it seems that all of the 1st THREE (3) named storms directly had an impact upon the US mainland. Think on that
A B C storms..all land bound.

Also...big conveyor belt over Africa about to spew off more waves.

And, there is no MJO going on. Can you imagine what will happen when that kicks in?

Go ahead til you drop and worry because it looks like its coming your way. Though might hit the keys if it bobbles to the east first. Will see.

Maybe not.. imagine a big bad storm in the middle of the Gulf around the anniversary of that infamous C storm.. Camille. 35 years this week. Awesome timing Charley has...though think he really is a Florida storm. But...which school is his favorite? UM? FSU? or UF or UCF?

Come on us your colors.. show us your fight song.



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