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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Charlie Explodes in the Caribbean!!!

Okay... been busy all day staring and watching Charlie go through his moves and he is something else to watch.

Earlier today he looked like he might collapse or do something funky. Outflow boundaries flew out and flew away. Instead he reorganized into a perfect buzz saw.. Hugo like with a blended track of Donna and Cleo.

So since around 6pm Charley took off and looks perfect. Perfectly scary.

Will check back after 11 with thoughts to see after the NOAA/NHC decides what it will do regarding newer models that show it slamming into South Florida at varying degrees after smashing through Cuba.

Earlier tracks took it up to west of Florida but they have all shifted to the right and he will be a big MAJOR storm at the rate he is going now.

Watching TWC...and listening to country CD that my brother J sent me from Greece and well... I'll be back.

Would sing a song but it would sound more like Danger Danger Will Robinson ...


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