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Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Search for the Invisible Wave...

It's somewhere...has to be. Everyone is still talking about it.

So...maybe here...

and then... theres is this one.. Sharon loves this one.. ( friend)
look...there's a red dot just where it should be..the "should" is for Yaffa, also a good friend

So....that being said.. I'm going to work.

My ex-husband texted messaged me to let me know they had finished wrapping some scene in some movie that he did on his birthday. He's an out of work-looking for work actor. Game Six.
Yes...a movie being filmed about Game 6 of the famous world series where the Red Sox lost.. and broke the hearts of every young boy coming of age into the world that was or is a Red Sox fan. Go figure.. of all the movie sets in all the world he walks into THAT one. Sure that's a Jungian coincidence. Hey..can imagine what it was like.. what if the Fins hadn't won those 2 Super Bowls back to back or lost the last game of the Perfect Season. If I was that age and watching and waiting for the Red Sox to win and then........sigh... oh well..would give me a complex for life I suppose. Red to love them. Well, you don't have to but I do.

And, my ex-boyfriend has my son for the night. He's sleeping over his house hanging with his son who is in from Israel. He sleeps there often in these days. You see? It's not true what they say about being a single woman with lots of kids (who knows how many..who was watching the Hard Copy, hmmmn?) can't find a love life. Not only can she find a love life (if she's me) but she can find guys who when she won't sleep over their house ...they are happy to have her son sleep over and baby sit.

I have a strange life.
It's a good life.

Now... I realize, who killed the Prince of Tides... sorry, listening to music.
Friend sent it. They have the most wonderful taste and ability to put together CDs. Incredible.
Course they have a copy of every Jimmy Buffett song that has ever been put together.. and so they should, trust me.

I saw Jimmy play in Miami at the Flick the first week or even the first night that he ever played in Miami. He had just driven down to Key West and the sleazy announcer just announced that this guy just got divorced and moved down from Tenn and we should all have some pity for him..or something like that. Remember it. Was mean. But he played and I sat there leaning against my boyfriend, lost in love and thinking he looked a bit like Donovan my boyfriend stared and said quietly, "he has something, he's going to make it" and so he did.. my boyfriend knew music. He knew destiny when he saw it.

So......................where's the wave guys? Invisible wave. I don't think its yet to be cast and believe its in pre-production. Not sure the script is finished because well... the wave died about the time the Red Sox lost last night. Bummer. And... well.. if we find some financing (called moisture) and we can get excited enough (called wet) and we can get some circulation going (called energy in a twisted way) and then... we might have a Wave come out and show its face again today.

Til then..I'm going to work
This hurts my brain... and not enough Buffett in the world can make me like this wave.

Have a good day... so all alone I walk back home and made up this post..
I must confess I can use some rest.. I can't run at this pace very long
Yes its quite insane, I think it hurts my brain
but then it cleans me out.. and then I can go on.

thank you Jimmy... and yes ...writing cleans me out, wakes me up and relaxes me and its who I am.. a writer.

Check out the great pic on Drudge if you can .. great storm over Miami yesterday.

if you find the invisible wave... let someone know on hurricanecity or 


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