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Sunday, July 25, 2004

If there's no trouble on the horizon, sing a jimmy buffet tune...

So...that's what I'm doing... going to sing you a Jimmy Buffett tune .. or cut and paste it anyway.

There isn't much to talk about.  Jake or Jim on said it well today. Don't remember which and not going to go back and look but...its just too chaotic out there for anything to get going. Too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.. Too many Upper Level Lows spinning around and too much dry air in the far Atlantic still as the dust hasn't settled just yet.

Had a wonderful morning and working on the afternoon still.

Sharon (my BEST FRIEND for anyone who has yet to learn that about me) and I went out for breakfast. We had a summer brunch picnic where we sat and ate fresh fruit and drank spring water (I had a good coffee already, so yes I do caffeine) and we sat out in the summer sunshine, under a tree in her car talking about hurricanes and watching men. Good spot. Going to make it our special hideaway spot for when we need to get away and talk. And, watch men and the clouds and the butterflies and obsess about the storm that has yet to form. And, we found it because we are impulsive and took a chance, didn't go where we were going to go and sometimes you just got to say "why not" as opposed to "why would you want to do THAT." Don't mock Sharon.. she predicted Andrew wasn't turning and wasn't catching the trof but if she had been posting these days she'd have been written off as a wishcaster.

Nope, Sharon knows weather and the feel of the air and hurricanes and Maine. She wants to move to Maine. What is it about New England that makes sane people wax poetic about fall? We have fall.... we play the Gators and the Noles and our tee shirts turn to orange as we follow the Fins, the Canes and the Gators.. and you don't need to rake tee shirts like you do leaves.

And... Key West has everything Maine has except that it has those New England houses with bougenvilla and hibiscus flowers and poincianna trees and half the place is runaway rejects from New England anyway.

But..this isn't about Key West or Maine or Sharon or New England.. its about Hurricanes and there aren't any...anywhere. No where.. nope.

Steve is watching a wave that used to be part of THE WAVE that everyone laid claim to until it dumped us and ran away with some babe to Central America.. after scraping the north coast of South America.

Phil is I think watching the northern yankee remnant of the wave that was an invest and a possible area of development last the East Coast.

Don't think Jim thinks anything will form til August. Okay I know he doesn't. By the way if there is anyone out there reading this (my you have patience) please check out Jims Size Matters link on his website. Great site.. hard work he has put in, let me tell you. Puts things in perspective, tropically speaking. I have a few more questions on that count but I think I'll just see how many more storms he adds and hold my questions for another time.

So..the part of me that respects Jim says there won't be any storms til August. Because he is more often right than wrong.

Ed says July 31st, can sort of see the hype going on in the media but ... not sure. Will see.

RockReader site friend believes in a Blue Moon Cane.. and well.. its fun but have been real disappointed in full moons in the past so I wouldn't bet any money but its fun.. well I never bet money.

I thought something would develop enough to have cords issued by July 26/27th but then ... could happen.

So.... going to hang out and watch the loops, let TWC roll in the background on mute, listening to favorite Buffett Mix I know who sent me and.. waiting to watch the Red Sox game this evening.

Ever have Kettle Corn? Tastes good but leaves an aftertaste.. but sometimes you have to do something different.. within reason.

And, thats the tropical round up today.

So...remember...if there is no trouble on the horizon.. sing a Jimmy Buffett tune..
Don't fight..
Don't obsess..
Don't think too much... sometimes there is no real meaning in something that sounds like there is and no I don't pussy foot around. Ain't no kittie kat here.. Just Bobbi

Trouble on the Horizon

By: Jimmy Buffett Spoken intro with music playing: This is a song that started a long time ago. Back when there was just the water world. There was this strange looking fish that moved along the hidden currents of the deep dark ocean. He knew he was different because he could sense there was something else in his nature. He swam in circles for millions of years and one day he decided it was time to go up. He was soon in the world of light where he remained a long time until his eyes allowed him to see color. The world was no longer a dark place and he moved further up into the light and one day before he knew it he was no longer in the water world. His head was above the surface and he felt his gills turn into lungs and he said "Ah shit! I`m an amphibian!" Then he slowly swam towards the shallow waters and marshes of the shore and one day he felt the ground beneath his feet. There he gathered his wits, checked his balance, and stood erect. And THAT`S when the trouble began! Well the birds disappeared and the sky began to turn purple,

From the skeleton coast to the land of violins.
Sailors prayed to the patron saint of lightening,
"Please St. Barbara, save our miserable skins."
They say that God takes care of drunks and fools and children,
That leaves the rest of us rummaging for alibis.
But friends there`s trouble, trouble on the horizon,
And it wears an inconspicuous disguise.
You never see it coming,
You never have a clue,
But there`s trouble on the horizon,
Bubbling like a roux.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
There is trouble on the horizon,
Waiting to perform.
You gave us cigarettes, guns, and whiskey,
And watch what happens,
Then add a little nuclear fusion and some gasoline.
We got trouble, trouble right here in River City, Every day`s becoming Halloween.
We never see it coming,
We never have a clue,
But there`s trouble on the horizon,
Waiting for the barbecue.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
There is trouble on the horizon,
Waiting to perform.
I`ve seen a spaceship built by Howard Hughes,
I`ve been a witness to some strange taboos.
I`ve seen a storm from deep inside the eye Of hurricane don`t lie.
Hurricane`s don`t lie.
In the hour of desperation,
You`ll cry like a baby.
When it comes right down to merely molecules.
Hell, you can pray to Jesus or a flock of pink flamingos.,
but in the hour of desperation are the fools.
I hope that all the greedy bastards in the world
Come back as lobsters.
You know that life at the bottom of the food chain Suits them well.
I think that all of the evil people of the world Come back as horseflies,
They want one last bite before they`re sent to hell.
You better know it`s coming,
You`ve got to have a clue,
There is trouble on the horizon,
Bubbling like a roux.
You have to taste the weather,
You`ve got to touch the storm.
To keep trouble on the horizon,
You got to stay informed.
Trouble out there, ain`t going no where,
Trouble on the horizon,
Trouble out there, ain`t going no where,
You got to trouble on the horizon,
Trouble out there, Trouble out there,
I see bad moon arising.


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