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Friday, July 29, 2005

No Circulation Found, I Am Key West Bound..

if'n all goes well and it better go well cause really want to go this weekend

will see after shabbos

that wave is very very very messy and long, looks like a horizontal frontal trough
or open wave but am sure something is there somewhere..hiding

my gut guess.. is it will wander west, wnw through the carib basin and flare up.. look good.. fall apart... and when it gets into the Gulf of Mexico it will become a storm.. of sizeable means.. if it does develop

the wave behind it or the wave's behind sort of... well.. it could develop into something if it seperates and is cut free and that is the part that looked like it had circulation yesterday

other than that.. will see..

there is a nice wave visible on visible twisting and crusing along at a lower lat

will see

its a will see wait and see weekend

all is well
going to my sister in laws for shabbos dinner with the one child home

relaxing tomorrow

and going to Key West on Sunday for the day.. night..

please put all holds on tropical development until tuesday
no warnings, no watches

and may everyone stay well..healthy


come on.. want to take my youngest son (who loves key west..someone brainwashed him) down there for the night for his birthday present.. promised him a vacation and want to make the little cutie pie happy

not to mention me :)

sigh sigh sigh

and want to write on the bus all the way down and back
need to get some offline writing in

take care, stay well .. everyone relax

no tropical development until i get back
its an order!

good shabbos


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