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Friday, February 09, 2024

Super Bowl Weekend! Winter Dreams Meet Hurricane Discussion Online.......

 I go look at the long range models and it's all rain...

...moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, again.

Oh and it's supposed to warm tomorrow!

Eastbound rain....

I'm going to do something a lil different here today as I'm in a mood and honestly there is nothing specific to say about this lackluster winter in the South that felt more like Spring Tornado Season in ways and all I can tihnk is as the discussion on the new movie TWISTERS gets going soon, we may have a difficult Tornado Season in the Dixie Alley. 

Others here are talking on the Hurricane Season coming up in June of 2024, though we could have an early Gulf of Mexico storm of some kind in May. This would be a set up for something forming early in that area, most definitely. I want to remind everyone that during the hurricane season, early forecasts for this winter we are currently living through expressed the multiple chances for SNOW in the SOUTH and laid out several paths to such fruitation and that did not happen. Yes, we have had some wild cold snaps and nonstop, flow of severe weather coming up across the South, dragging it's way across Florida and no snow has fallen in any part of the Carolinas that are not in the far Western Mountainous regions. I know, there's 3 weeks left of February and all of March for those wild, surprise snowfalls that catch us unaware in the morning when we look outside and see a beautiful dusting of snow that'll melt by mid day when it's 67 degrees! 

We do get some wild swings in the late Winter and we also have strange things that happen as El Nino begins to leave and we move towards a ???? Neutral or La Nina so far down the road it's ridiculous to even talk about on February 9th with 113 days left until Hurricane Season. 

It's supposed to be 70 degrees here on Saturday in RDU land so glad I kept out those cute lil short summery dresses I bought for my recent Miami trip a few weeks back.

So I'm leaving this here for y'all to watch.

What do I think? Yes, I watched and yes I think it's possible for it to be an active hurricane season. Again, though it all comes down to definition and in my mind 10 named storms out in the Atlantic that form fast, fall apart while competing with other nearby storms may be "busy" but not what I think of busy. I'm fairly sure many of my chaser friends feel the same. For those who want to track every wave and named system, 2023 was a buffet with not much else than salads and some chicken dishes mixed up with vegetables, no real meat there if you know what I mean; kind of like an Impossible Burger Buffet. Well except for a few storms we had to deal with and did something other than what looked like a preprogrammed hurricane season with some track out in the Atlantic and trust me I'm happy the Islands were spared, I have many friends down there. Oh, I have no problem with Impossible Burgers once in a while as I can put cheese on them and being kosher it's either Impossible Burger or fake cheese on a real burger. Most people, by the way, prefer real burger and fake cheese. 

Anyway, lot of good thoughts, disussion and possibilities in the vide about the 2024 Hurricane Season. But in real time the shine of what may happen down the road wears off and reality sets in. No two El Ninos are the same and no two hurricane seasons are exactly the same. And, ALWAYS something pops up in real time that didn't show up in February when people were discussion how busy the hurricane season would be or it's busy in another area than previously forecast.  

I will say once we get into April, a better assessment of what we will deal with in the June July and August part of the Hurricane Season is more interesting. Sooo enjoy the video. Time will tell.

In other news.........
It's Super Bowl Weekend and that moves fast into Fat Tuesday so may y'all have the snacks, drinks, treats you want and hope your team wins.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Ps What's your Country Song? 
What's your favorite team? 
What's your favorite memory? 
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