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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl Sunday - Mardi Gras Week - Fat Tuesday Can Almost Feel Spring in the Air & After Spring is Hurricane Season Discussion Time

When there's nothing tropical to look at...
...but let's look at Saharan Dust anyway
Red Sand from Africa
Trying to fight the wind flow

Mimic shows a way too early suppressed ITCZ
Wrong Season, wrong month ...
....but does Mother Nature care?

Of course what has been stimulating this season of early tropical dreams is the flow that flows up into the Gulf of Mexico and curves up through the Appalachians and out to sea like the ghost of Hurricane Camille.

Supposedly change is coming.
Change is in the wings.... 
...enter Stage Left
Blocking setting up?
Not talking about football bloocking!

Not that I don't trust Mitch, he's very trustable (why not?) and he's good at watching the general pattern while praying for our part of the Carolinas to get snow which .....wishing on doesn't seem to work. He may want it more than me as he's doing some meteorological lent refusing to eat pizza til it snows. He did see early season snow on a trip he took with the family so at least he had that. I may see it soon enough on a trip to places where it may actually snow.

Fell asleep last night under the covers listening to the rain fall and woke up this morning to the sounds of the rain falling, a steady synocopated beat but not too loud. Almost a misty day but it's rain not mist though it sure looks misty!

Got my Daddy's old alarm clock there.
Gets good radio stations lol.
This is my transitional look.
Winter but some spring flowers.
Rain not snow.
Ya know..

Superbowl Sunday. 
I'll be honest. I love football and yet I don't really have a dog in the race as they say. Never was a big San Francisco fan, preferred the Dolphins, Green Bay and would love the Carolina Panthers but there's not loving me much these days. Whatever, maybe  next year. Not the biggest Mahomes fan, but I'll admit he's stubborn. Then you have the guy that no one remembers his name unless they are a 49ers fan.

So see this is why football is fun and I love it and on any given Sunday some guy goes to the Super Bowl who no one ever expected to see in the Super Bowl!  You heard so much about Andrew Luck once upon a time, yet no one heard much about Brock. I'm too into football to have this game be eclipsed by Taylor Swift and while I'm not a Switfy I'm not a hater, just this to me is all about Play Ball! Drudge trying to get me back to his page by putting up that long article on one of my favorite writers (for various reasons) and unless you are into writing or football you don't get the reference but some do. 

Let's say if Purdy pulls this off, maybe I'll believe Raleigh can get snow falling from the sky this winter still. Who knows? Time will tell. Maybe I'll make a Hurricane to drink while watching the game!

What would Hunter think? 

Link to article down at the bottom but it's dark like most of what Hunter S Thompson wrote when he wasn't temporarily having a blast being himself, until football season ended. Just don't read that until you're done with my blog please ;)

Weather is more than just one part of the coast.
Yes, moisture flowing up into GOM
But...that long feed, nonstop.
Stuck for a long while.
What will unstick it?

In a silly mood this morning.
Have a great day.
Hope your favorite team wins.
And then there's Fat Tuesday!
Mardi Gras!!!
Then Valentines Day!!!

Got my dance card for the week set.
Let's hope for good times.

Speaking of good times!
This is the most Iconic Mike Post ever.
And trust me we go way back...

Literally everyone's in the mood today.....

Sweet Tropical Dreams
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Special thanks to Darius Rucker
As I listened to this song over and over and over.
Love this song.



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