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Friday, January 26, 2024

Vintage BobbiStorm in Rinse & Repeat Cycle Still Dreaming on Snow.... Wondering on Hurricane Season and Being Amused By My Friends Online During the Boring OFF SEASON.


Mike kind of says it all.
Cranky who is now Content...
...calls this "rinse and repeat"
Tho he did not coin the phrase.....
...he's right. And who knows...
But we are stuck on the East Coast in this pattern.

Yes we are obsessing.
We are all obsessing.

Mother Nature be Stalking the South this Winter.
Teasing us, playing with us as someone once said.

Chick mentioned 1916 in his discussion.
I Googled that hurricane season because I'm me.

Wanted to see the Gulf of Mexico.
Wondering how long this pattern sticks around.
Early odd May storms in the GOM?

With every day that passes I keep wondering on what the Early Season, the Pre-Season when storms form in the Gulf of Mexico off of old stalled frontal boundaries or just moisture plumes that find their low somewhere and curl up into a real low worthy of the A name; Yucatan cruisers up towards the Florida Panhandle. You know "The Season" the real season being the Hurricane Season. 

So first off thanks to all my rowdy and not so rowdy weather friends for keeping me smiling, laughing and on my tippy toes during this inordinately boring period known as Winter 2024. And as for the dreamers I'm watching the long range models and hoping and believing that as we turn the calendar to February that brings us Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras .... I keep wondering will it bring me frozen strawberries or snow to the Carolinas. Mitch gets that and I get Mitch but neither of us is alas getting snow ...not even sleet!

In honor of this weekend's play off game.

May your wildest weather dreams come true.

Mine is a real Snow Storm!
Yes I want that!
Yes I'm strange!
Weather people are strange.
Writers are strange.
Don't even get me started on Producer/Directors.
March I'll be traveling...maybe see snow.
Or dreary gray cold days but... sunny friend and partner in crime Malka will be there.
So........we will see what we will see.
Time will tell.
And Annabel Lee.
Who is she?
Why did Edgar Allan Poe write about her?

Just a Friday blog to say nothing has changed and in my part of the South we are still having rain, sometimes cold rain or just meh rain depending on the hour of the day. I was inexplicably cold last night despite the presence of a January Thaw that has melted any chance of January Winter P Types and given us simply rain, endless rain and gray days we usually see in late Fall. I listened to James Taylor's epic ode to Carolina just now and while he waxes poeitc on the Carolina moon and sunshine it did occur to me he didn't mention the snow. Oh...what was I thinking wishing on snow??

The birds are out again, they disapeered when we had that 2 week window of Winter Cold with lows int he 20s and the teens and suddenly the crows are crowing (this is why Stephen King films in NC sometimes) and it looks as if the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe would walk through my yard engrossed in writing some new epic poem about some lost love or long lost love and poets really hate losing muses. Edgar, if I may call him that, left the Bronx for not so sunny Baltimore where he could write endless prose that resembled the endless row houses with the lil stops my Grandma Mary used to hate when they visited relatives there.

I wonder if Edgar smiled ever?
I digress. But do love his poetry.
Some of his poetry.

So I'm gonna make a Lamb dish for dinner as it is winter afterall....hearty, warm along with some soup and salad and kasha and varniskas (bowtie pasta) with lots of caramelized onionss and some very good wine.

Hang in there  as hopefully this stuck pattern will finally go away. Groundhog Day coming up and maybe the groundhog will be a prankster? 

Regarding the previous blog where I spoke on Icy Steep Roads covered in Snow in February a few years back in Carolina, China had the other problem as these cars all crashed into each other sliding DOWN the steep hill... horrific crash, did they ignore warnings or did they not give warnings? Just stay home in that sort of weather that's my advice!

We do wish for Winter Weather but not that chaotic mess.
Just gentle falling snow, covering the landscape in white.

Sweet dreams...whatever you wish for weather wise.
Hope you get it.

Thanks for reading........
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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