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Saturday, March 18, 2023

On This Day in History --- Deadly 1925 Tri-State Tornado Happened. Slow Hurricane Season Followed. 1926 Hurricane Season Very Deadly.

This is a real newspaper.
The type u usually see when a Major Cane makes landfall... a big, popular waterfront city.

It was a different world in 1925.
No Weather Apps, Weather Radios or Warnings.
No Twitter sharing information in real time.
No YouTubers gone LIVE 

It's called the Tri-State... 
...because it went through 3 states.
Again this happened on March 18th.
The day after St. Patrick's Day.

Radio told the story in bits and pieces.
Newspapers showed horrific images...
...listing the dead.

Up close and way too personal.

A good video with lots of details.
There are so many you can get lost!

It's not a joke to say people use metaphors for storms as agents of change, of trouble descending upon people suddenly without warning that ripped apart the fabric, the very foundation of their lives. Sometimes, in the end, the change was for the good but when someone's world has been blown away everything changes. It's a great scene in the movie Twister where you realize the cute fiance didn't really think he actually meant he "chases tornadoes" but it's true, it's often a metaphor for troubles in our lives. Carrie Underwood was born in Oklahoma, it's a great song and a great video. 

We live in a wonderful time when we can be warned of such a possible event days in advance, possibly longer if some long range model actually gets it right. And, when you know Reed Timmer is on the ground somewhere "LIVE" you know in real time that some place is under the gun, under the fickle finger of fate, the Finger of God is about to descend out of the heavens and blow away parts of some town, somewhere and yet we have watches and warnings. In 1925 it hit suddenly while children will in schools made of bricks that were torn apart falling onto the children, many of whom died.

Next time you hear there's a Tornado Warning, heed the precautions and be grateful that somewhere someone is live on air giving information down to the time of arrival of the possible tornado in your town and the town next to it or any other town you may be driving through soon. 

But this is a Hurricane aka Tropical Blog mostly.
Yes, weather is always covered... my mind goes to the 1925 Hurricane Season.
A very slow hurricane season.

As for the 2023 Hurricane Season... well .... we just don't quite yet what sort of hurricane season it will be. As El Nino forms in real time and we see how fast it grows and long we will be in Neutral as we flip the switch.  Where and when it forms and how it interacts with other weather features will tell the story down the road. 

Yes I looked up the 1925 Hurricane Season.
I knew it was a very slow one.

Prepare now, make a plan for where you will go if you are in the path of a deadly hurricane. You can't wish them away, but you can make a plan and know in advance you may be in trouble. That's a whole lot better than those poor souls in 1925 and then a year later with a deadly 1926 Hurricane Season. Isn't it ironic that one of the worst Hurricane Seasons came after a weak, infamously weak one! 

Apparently 1925 was an El Nino.
Slow Hurricane Season.
I love Wikipedia.

It's a great place to start.
Read up on various NOAA sites.... 
... much more detail.
Again it's a place to start.
Like Cliff Notes :)

Stay safe!
Stay informed.
People can offer help all day long.
In the end it's up to you to accept it.
And take precautions.
Sometimes you got to get out of Dodge.
Other times you just hunker down.
Which will you choose if a storm is coming?

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.



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