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Friday, January 20, 2023

Sandal Weather in January......Say It Ain't So!! I Want Snow.... Pattern Will Flip Eventually Especially in an Unsual Year ...So Far 22/23 Been Odd to Predict Far Out.


It's really frustrating when you can't even get a Fake Forecast from the GFS promising to deliver you snowflakes on it's way somewhere else. All the snow stops at the mountains and lifts up, up and away. That would be the equivalent of the GFS not hitting Florida with a hurricane last hurricane season on the 10th day. Did they retune my favorite teasing model or even fake snow can't be forecast ten days out on the 18Z?

I wore sandals today to the store in NORTH Carolina. Yes, it was cold if you are wondering but not cold enough for me to go upstairs and put my boots on. Maybe I was lazy or maybe just being rebellious and I'm protesting this lack of real winter in Raleigh. Yes, we had 10 degrees for one day and yes I did have snow flurries and sleet at 1 AM for 20 minutes, otherwise it's been a no show. 

Not interested in hearing about West Coast Storms as I miss living there and it's far, far away. I don't want to hear it might snow in Colorado and the Great Lakes... it's supposed to snow in places such as that in the winter so to me that's click bait not news.

Yes, the weather here is beautiful. Blue skies, cool days and the sun is out to boot.

So marking this point in winter when we really aren't that far in, yet it feels as if winter is over. It isn't over, just like the 2022 Hurricane Season wasn't over when we went silent all August. No it wasn't the hurricane season we expected, but it was not over and there was more to come. I tend to think that'll happen with the Winter of 2023 also.

I'm too old to think if I hold my breath it'll snow. I'll just turn blue and pass out. 

Also in a year that is not always what it appears .........often a fast clipper system or a wild jet streak brings the weather down fast to an area not previously forecast by models to see snow happening. Forecasters a few months ago did not see any signs of the deluge of winter storms lined up off of California to attack the coast with rain, flooding and wild weather.  

So stay tuned. 
Enjoy the weather you've got because if there is one thing you can rely on... it'll change when the pattern flips soon enough. Til then I'm wearing sandals...........even with my leggings! I painted my toe nails pink, kind of a wintry pink frost!

Hit me with your best shot Mother Nature.... 

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