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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

January Thaw in SE Getting Old.... West Coast Wild Storm..... Snow is Up Where It Belongs. Is Winter on Hold or Does February Dump Winter Weather Everywhere?

News story of the day in the SE.
Nasty weather moving in....
..with a front bringing possible tornadoes.
Yes in the South we say count 10 days after Thunder.
In the Winter...
..for Winter Weather.
A very old saying... sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Each winter is different.

Snow is up where it normally snows every winter.
Does Mother Nature think she needs a passport... get snow Down South?

I know, it is what it is...
...until it isn't!

The real photographic storm is out West.
Check that out.

Impressive Low.
Weather troublemaker.

A lot of warnings up along the West Coast.
The whole West Coast.
Californina hogging all the weather today!
Aside from the Carolinas.
Maybe it's a numerological thing?

I'm in a bit of a funk and it's been hard to pull out of it. Not really a "bad mood" or a "sad mood" just a mood. Like "I don't wanna" and I usually get these January Blues when there's no winter weather here, tropical weather seems far away and football is ending week by week. Really depressing football drama from Monday Night football that kind of hangs over the play offs and the rest of the season. Definitely prayers for Damar Hamlin. I love football, but no one wants to see a player get hurt and more so in what seemed an easy one on one play.

Anyway.... many in the weather world are watching California with their left eye waiting to see if the earthquake trend will continue as most meteorologists are closet geologists as we are all intrigued by Earth Weather and Geography and how everything pieces together on Planet Earth.

I lived in California, as old timers here know, and I know what a big storm coming ashore is like there. San Fran seems under the gun this winter for trouble weather wise and otherwise.

So the GFS is offering me an olive twig or possible snowflakes a week from now. Patchy areas of snow possible if you wish to believe the GFS that promises things it never delivers. The EURO is silent, my weather app shows rain. Gets pathetic when I'd be happy to see a snowflake on my weather app. If I wasn't going to the Denver area in March I'd be booking at ticket to see my son and his family this month! Either way I miss him and everyone as I haven't seen them since Covid as they were in Seattle and I wasn't flying long distances. Denver suddenly sounds closer... 

I went down to New Bern for my birthday as I love New Bern, a beautiful city on two rivers at the entrance and the wind and feel of the sea moving up from Pamlico Sound makes it a kiss of fresh air with a waterfront that's a delight for anyone who enjoys watching seagulls fly or starlings swirl in the sky and sailboats slide along the the water while people in canoes enjoy a sunny winter day.  And if you like sailboats you can stand in the marina and stare as long as you want until you're tired and ready for a drink on the water somewhere.

Been staring at sailboats since I was a child in Coconut Grove.
Magical, beautiful ships.

New Bern is beautiful.
Home of Pepsi Cola.
Not a huge tourist attraction with a high entrance fee.
Just a cute corner store where you sip a small Pepsi.
Eat some popcorn and stare at memorabilia.

Not a bad day.

So I'll push through my funk.
Appeciate the cool highs and short sleeve weather.
And wait it out until I see some wintry mix.

Thanks for reading.......
....if you're reading!

Have a wonderful day!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Been staring at sailboats since I was a child in Coconut Grove.
Magical, beautiful ships.


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