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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Day of Deadly Tornadoes in the South ... Winter Weather to the North. It ALL Moves EAST Tonight and Tomorrow.


Monday I wrote about the threat of tornadoes and severe weather.
The threat verified, it's been a day of tornado warnings.
A mother and her 10 year old son died.
Multiple tornadoes with a serious line.
From New Orleans to the Florida Panhandle.... 

You can see here above how explosive this line is...
..and it will remain deep into the night.

Lots of warnings.
Geographically different regions.
Severe weather and tornadoes in the coastal parts.
Flooding further inland.
And to the North near West Virginia.. 
..and it's nearby states Ice Warnings.

Pennsylvania, Eastern Maryland.

To the North their are Ice Storm Warnings for Applachians.
As I said earlier, elevation matters!

Weather turns serious and sometimes deadly in December as many of us wish for snow falling silently at night leaving a cover of snow to wake up to a winter wonderland. Often such dreams as denied or postponed and yet the severe weather barrage of warnings come fast and furious. 

Sometimes after a long day, and it's been a long day, I like to put on The Weather Channel and watch in an old school sort of way ignoring the War in the Ukraine and various partisan politcs on the "News Channels" and opt out of comedies or dramas and just watch TWC show me the weather. It's on Mute (too many commercials, I'm sorry... but loud commercials late at night are not my idea of entertainment! I mean how many times can you watch Sweet Home Alabama?? In my case..........a lot of times. Tonight watching TWC!

There's a tornadic cell in Florida, my daughter-in-law is visting her mother with the adorable Oliva and Milo there for the holidays so I'm paying closer attention than normal to the Florida Panhandle. Tallahassee does get weather and after life in Miami it's like a touch of winter with cooler temperatures. But cool weather in the Deep South brings dangerous weather all too often in December. My family had property in Quincy nearby years back so I know the area well as my Grandma Mary would say "it's gets cold up there" and probably something about long underwear in the Winter ;)  Now I'm in North Carolina where it was in the 20s last night and Jack Frost left a dusting of frost so thick it looked as if snow had fallen briefly on the rooftops.

Look at that frost, really looked like snow had fallen.
Cars covered too but the rooftops caught my eye.

I just want snow!

I know there's a song about wanting... 

Stay safe and pay attention to weather warnings.
All of this slides East.
And there's more trouble down the road.
Cold Holiday Nights ... 

Stay warm!
Sweet Snowy Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

Ps... Will talk on that weather tomorrow.
Tonight... heed all weather warnings!


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