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Monday, December 12, 2022

Updated! A Lot of Talk About Winter Weather. And, More Severe Weather in the South. The Great Divide. Those Who Get Snow & Those Who Want Snow.

Euro for Tuesday.... 
..threat tornadoes, severe weather to the S...
Out West we have snow.
And the whole system slides East.

Note this is for Thursday!
Deep South has a strong signature for weather.
Snow in the Middle of the Country..
Up North where it usually falls!

This is Thursday 2 days after Tuesday Wxr Mess!

Saturday whole North of US and Canada snow issues.
GOM develops a Low at the tail end of the front.
Not tropical, just messy weather.

Week from now Appalachians get snow.
A bit even down South.
But high up elevation wise.

But look out to the NW.
And up towards Canada!!
Cold weather on the move.

Possible Ice Accumulation this week!
Again elevation matters!!

Whole mess gets messier.
Damp, cold weather holding sway.
Today, this week and down the road....
...if models are correct and if the cold can control the scene.

Then some places further South will get snow..
..with the next system you know is there!

I think personally we shouldn't look at this winter specifically as a La Nina winter and watch the progression of the fronts in real time as well as the progression DOWN of the cold if the set up plays out the way the long term models show then we could have snow and some frigid temperatures. 

Playing it day by day for now.

Yes, that's what I say in Hurricane Season also but there's truth to it as models can flip flop often, especially early in any winter season and promise more than they can deliver. But oh what a delivery it would be to get snow during the holidays and the last week of the year!

More to come tomorrow......please read what I read below as it all still applies!

* * * 

It's Idaho. 
No surprise there!

This is that in between time of wishing on winter weather and wondering why the winter weather always  misses you. Watching people in Wisconsin and Wyoming watching snowflakes falling but you live in Virginia and North Carolina but not West Virginia that has the elevation so gets the snow.  

There's a lot of talk about a pattern set up that would create blocking and the right sort of Miller Type Storm (not to be confused with beer) that could deliver winter weather during the holidays and near the New Year. 

Twitter and what's left of message boards are all abuzz with the possibilities. Later today or tonight I'll go into more detail regarding models that as always do the Texas Two Step in wild predictions and then grabbing them back, but some consistency is in the models... enough to hold out hope that "there's a chance" many people will get some winter weather this holiday season.  It might not be the type you were hoping for as it's hard to make a snowman with ice but it's too early to buy into any one model for any one day but there's a chance.

It was cold enough in Raleigh to have an ice artisan make a Ice Memorah for children at an early Chanukah Festival. You can't really do that in Miami, but in Raleigh the temps stayed low enough to cooperate with the artist who did a beautiful job. 

When lit at night they are spectacular.
Palm fronds are wonderful but love my ice memorahs!
I'm a winter baby at heart.
Yes I know, we sound boring but we aren't!

So know...there's a chance.

That many of us will get Winter Weather.

Or a taste of Winter this month... 

Never tell a person in the Carolinas or Georgia it won't snow.
I mean as long as we have a chance.
We're smiling.
Well most of us weather types are smiling.

Models more than 50/50 in some places.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbibstorm on Twitter and Instagram


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