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Monday, November 28, 2022

November ... Dixie Alley Severe Weather Alert (Hot Air Meets Cold Diving Air) Clash of the Seasons! Tropics Quiet. Miami Busy with Art Basel and I'm Watching the Carolina Autumn Moon

Weather news of the day.
Tornadoes possible in the Dixie Alley.
Deep South = 2nd Severe Weather Season.
Severe weather happens when cold meets hot.
Clash of the seasons is never calmy done.

Blue is for colder weather.
Purple is for "really cold weather"
Orange hasn't seen winter's teasers yet!

This is that amazing time of year when Winter flirts with those of us North of the Florida Georgia Line. And many of us are hungry for more real colder weather with it's possible various frozen types of precipitation! Hurricane Season is fading into history and those who do reports on the "2022 Hurricane Season" are busy researching, writing and comparing notes with colleagues. A bird is singing outside as it hasn't gotten the memo that Spring is over.

In the tropics we have a stalled out front draped from near the Yucatan through Florida threading the needle of Lake Okeechobee that is basically Florida's barrier that doesn't allow colder weather down into Miami much. North of the Lake it's one climate, South of the lake we have a humid, subtropical climate. If you are lucky enough to live in Tampa, where Mike lives, you get the chance to fire up the fire pit and roast marshmallows if you live in Miami you are drinking Marshmallow Frappes all winter!

As regards 2022 Hurricane Season it proved one point that many meteorologists often make and Jim Williams is famous for saying and that is that West Florida (near Tampa) gets hit with hurricanes in slow years in October. He's also good at correcting  me so I'm sure I made some mistake in how Jim always says it but the point is that the "Tampa area" and whether you want to believe it or not Ian hit in the general Tampa area vs the Miami to WPB megalopolis! It's like saying Andrew made landfall near Miami in Homestead. Nuff said. Yes, it was September 27th not October 1st but this whole year has run a month or so ahead of schedule. It's November and we have had temperatures go down to 27 in Raleigh already. And, fronts barely took a break for a summer vacation this year and they have reappeared and are on the move again every few days ... unless you live in Miami that got nice weather for Art Basel! 

Yeah, I"m so proud of her. I'll admit it. A huge fundraiser and raising the awareness of the life saving organization Hatzalah and in a trendy studo where artists painted while people sipped wine and enjoyed watching are being made in real time. If you haven't been to Art Basel then get down there now or put it on your list for next year as it's fun, beautiful and the city of decorated in all sorts of art and colors. I'm often in town this week there before when the city is being wrapped in colorful hues and decorations. This year I'm here watching the last of the red leaves clinging to the maple tree and helping put on programs here where I live in the Carolinas. Need to sneak down to Florida soon before we get into the possibility of snow and I never want to miss snow so... yeah, that's a problem to solve. Love seeing my daughter and her friends working on meaningful projects and in her case she gets paid to make a difference, very cool!

I snapped this incredible picture last night.
Leaving a party in Raleigh.

The crescent moon through the Maple Tree.

Love where you live.
Love what you do.
Never stop chasing weather!

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A kind of artsy view of Art Basel.



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