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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cold Fronts Moving. Volcano Lava Flowing. December is Tomorrow! Lots of Weather But NOTHING Tropical!

Cold front slicing through the country.
Moving East.
Lost some of the energy from yesterday.
Below is the storm reports from then.

The temperature is dropping.
My maple tree is losing it's leaves.

The leaves are on the ground.
But now I can see the tree...'s bones, it's shape and the house behind me.

The seasons are a work in art, every day something is different. A tulip pushes thorugh the ground and suddenly appears. You notice colored leaves on your green tree and then it thins out day by day, storm by storm and suddenly the leaves are gone and the branches appear. Storms begin to form over Africa and they eventually form groups and become tropical waves that move west across the ocean. It's really true, to everything there is a season and you appreciate it more in the Carolinas. 

In Miami there are seasons but they are not all good ones if you dislike traffic. The tourists arrive, you can't get a table in a good restaurant to save your life. Boat Show comes and shuts down Miami Beach and parts of Miami. Art Basel comes and if you are not an art lover you are more like "oh crap" and leave town the way my friends in Augusta do when the Masters arrives in town. 

And, it's holiday time and the season of decorations, love and traditions. I just love when a city is decorated or a home or a Mall. 

Weatherwise we are in waiting season in most of the country. Waiting for winter to arrive. Waiting for a possible chance at a Winter Storm Warning.  Those who like it warm are waiting for their flight to leave town to somewhere they can play golf or go swimming at the beach.

What are you waiting for?
Obviously not "Hurricane Season" . . .

We spend our lives "waiting" for the right moment, or time or ???

End of November today and the advent of December arriving tomorrow really hits me as "oh my goodness where did 2022 go?" but then again I know.

Screen grab while I was tweeting ;)

I'm a weather person. Everything reminds me of weather on some level. I was watching Mike do his Facebook Live this morning and I giggled thinking on it. In truth his show is best this time of year when he just talks, is himself and talks on weather and the regulars are there the way the locals are in Miami when the tourists go back to wherever they came from... But in Mike's case he's a "snow" person and he's prone to chasing snow so the site is a Winter Site this time of year. And, as I am a girl for all seasons my blog here covers whatever weather there is to talk about.

Same way hurricanes move North towards the poles, helping to move energy around our planet the reverse is true in the winter. Cold weather descends down in the winter. Florida (the part south of the panhandle) does not participate!

Stay tuned.
Oh and there's a volcano in Hawaii acting up. Imagery is incredible. Below this image looks like a torrnado in ways... but it's not and lava is flowing down.

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