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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Watching Caribbean, Westbound Tropical Wave.... Nothing Expected to Form as per NHC. No Yellow Circles Tuesday Morning!


No yellow circle from the NHC yet....
...but NOAA passing out purple crayons.

Note this is the moisture connected with the Caribbean Gyre that seems to be anchored over Central America - Panama region.  Looks a bit like the Monopoly Man or that Walrus cartoon character, see the two eyes, nose... mustache? Will something form from this messy, convective cluster?

If you click on the image above you'll see there is the smallest area of possible circulation on the EPAC side, yet the NHC hasn't given the EPAC region a yellow crayon neither so perhaps they are waiting and watching like the rest of us.  Old school thought was an area needs to exist for a while when it comes together before you  jump all over it. Then the era of model madness and GFS and EURO at the Ok Weather Corral shooting it out for top honors..... we use models as guides for showing us what may or may not happen. We can be a bit too model reliant perhaps, but it is what it is in 2022.

That said, here's an image showing possible tracks should any of these possible systems form.  IF it forms in the Atlantic side of the Basin it could/would go North eventually.  If it forms in the Eastern Pacific it goes generally West...    There also might be a tropical wave moving into this region that would give a second life and some breath to this GRYE that could help light the tropical spark.

Til then... let's do Hurricane Prep tip of the day!

If you or anyone in your family/circle needs a certain medication be it hard to find OTC meds or a prescription medication try and get an extra dose and put it away for Hurricane Supplies.  Especially if it's an Asthma Inhaler as after a hurricane everything rots and turns moldy in the tropical heat and asthma cases climb off the charts.  Blood Pressure? Birth Control? Migraine Medication? Heart Medication? Because IF a hurricane hits your area and you didn't live in an evacuation zone but all the power is out and the local CVS or Walgreens suffered damage it may not open for a long time and finding meds after a hurricane can be problematic. Nuff said.

I'm on a bit of a vacation of sorts this week so I'll update the blog if anything changes but for now it's time to work on hurricane supplies vs hurting your eyesight staring at models that will change on the next model run probably. 

Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

Ps....Cute Tropical Wave crossing the Atlantic could this be the spark the GYRE needs?

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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