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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

April 6th Cold Fronts Still A Thing. How Long Will This Pattern Last? Early Hurricane Season Development Occurs at the Tail End of Dying Cold Fronts. So It Matters...


Mike tweeted this earlier in the day and it's worth mentioning. Not because the temps will get cold a few more times in Florida, but because as we work our way through April we watch the parade of cold fronts and we note how far they go and where they slow down and hit a brick wall and slowly decay somewhere between Tampa and Miami or the Florida Keys. When we have a parade of late season cold fronts it ups the possibilities for something to form at the end of said, dead, decaying cold fronts that linger too long over warm tropical waters.   

In a little over a month on May 15th the NHC will begin doing their Tropical Weather Outlooks. 

Parade of fronts.
Fandango Ballroom Satellite view ;)

But before we move into Cane Season.

We are dealing with Tornado Season.
Yesterday's Supercell was deadly.
3 people died in Pembroke, Georgia.
Hook echo captured perfectly. 

That's Mother Nature.
Stay prepared and informed.
With cold fronts moving into warm areas....
... this will continue through April!.

Start preparing for Hurricane Season!

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