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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Winter Fights Back .... Last Sunday 80 Degrees in Raleigh ...Today it's Feels like 18 degrees! Hurricane Season on the Horizon Begin Storing Food Now as Inflation Will Only Make it More Expensive in May. Ukraine Rescues and Frigid Weather


As we see from Winter is still alive and well after playing possum for a few weeks.  A very cold blast or wintry air blew through Raleigh yesterday including delivering snowflakes and a bit of sleet. Snow nor sleet were nowhere in the forecast, though they said we might get tornadoes (didn't) and severe weather.  In Fairfax Virginia where my son and grandson spent the Jewish Sabbath there was a ton of snow and my daughter in Monsey was less than thrilled with the time it took to scrape off the windshield after hiking through snow. From Maine to Tennessee to the Carolina - Virginia border snow fell like winter was back in style.  

This morning our wind chill was 18 degrees in Raleigh. I wouldn't know what it actually feels like as I'm typing this from in the bed under the covers sipping a Nespresso. It will warm up fast later this week here, but I'm heading South  anyway where it is way too warm for my liking as I have a family event and I'll be celebrating Purim  the a celebratory Jewish Holiday commemorating a miracle in Persia years ago in Miami. Meanwhile I am praying hard for a miracle in Ukraine, it's my time I can spend it however I wish and that's what I'm wishing for...

Amazingly this year Purim falls out on St. Patrick's Day as it does every once in a while. I'm going to a party at a Brewery and as Purim is a dress up holiday I'm either going to be a Flapper or a Gypsy or maybe an Irish Gypsy. My best friend and I are discussing the possibilities! 

I don't like to talk in March about the Hurricane Season, there's a lot of good reasons and I don't like to add to the confusion on how strong an El Nino might develop or if it will just be a Neutral Season. You can Google that,

but I figure if you are reading this blog you know what I am talking about. It's just too soon to tell and the signals sometimes get mixed, like when it's 80 degrees last Sunday in Raleigh and there was a huge pool of warm water off the Carolina coast and this morning I'm under the covers debating if I want to get out of bed to make another Nespresso.  Oh and that warm pool of water off the coast last weekend dropped in temperature quite a bit since last Sunday's Fake Summer like weather.

Spring in Raleigh is always bipolar, honest and you know not to put away the winter clothes even though you took out sandals and your Spring/Summer favorites!

Worth noting it's unusually cold in Ukraine this week and people are going without heat for over a week so enjoy the heat if you have it or the AC and give to whatever organization you know is honest and will be able to deliver the right goods to those in need. Many good faith based groups are on the ground and large organizations such as the Red Cross are best at times such as these able to quickly get the aid where it is needed. And, people will need for a long time as try to restart their lives so give what you can or just keep good thoughts or prayers. It's nice to decorate the yard in yellow and blue but it's not going to provide help for those huddled with the clothes on their back as they make it across the border to safety. Solidarity is nice, but money talks and even a little money given by many people can mean a lot.

One of the best organizations on the ground now is United Hatzalah providing aid at the border of Ukraine they are currently there and set up, working round the clock both in the rescue process and helping refugees with goods as well as training people in make shift shelters there on how to handle first aid situations. When my daughter began working for them in Miami her job was to put on fundraising programs, introductions or whatever was needed to fundraise be it house parties or large fundraiting Galas. United Hatzalah goes to emergencies in Israel (and around the world) and helps anyone in need with their goal of getting to the scene of an emergency within 2 minutes. If you can get to an accident or stroke victim within 2 minutes you extend their chances of life before fire rescue gets there and this is extremely important in remote areas. In densely populated cities in Israel there are often Hatzalah workers in each apartment building that jump into action immediately to give medical help before the government EMTs have to weave through traffic. They  are a trained network of men and women including Jews, Christians and Arabs working together to save lives and now they are on the ground helping refugees from Ukraine providing services on the ground. My daughter feels good she's able to help in some way even from Miami and I'm proud she can make a difference. The videos this week I've seen are truly inpirational.

If you're still reading, thanks...another amazing short story that did me in last night is linked to below. In a world of chaos the thoughtfulness and caring that can take place in that void of truly beautiful and inspiring. How much easier is it for us to help another here either by deed, action or charity or even just giving a lending hand with a smile!

Keep smiling, keep praying and keep enjoying the day to day life and whatever weather you got!!

Much love, 
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Remember you're never really dressed without a smile!
Give it a few minutes, apparently Harry needs to warm up.......


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