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Monday, March 07, 2022

Serious Winter Storm in Parts of the Country Bringing Spring Dangerous Weather ... Wind, TStorms and Snow. War in Ukraine .. All About Weather, Geology, Geography!


I'm just going to write and fill in the images later. Blogger is wierd this morning. Is it the wind? Perhaps it was hacked for political reasons ... gee I feel like that would be low fruit and silly but who knows what goes on in today's world. 

I woke up at 4 AM to odd noises that were vaguely familiar and after feeling a bit disoriented (was it a dream? was it Parkay? Butter? Margarine?) I finally realized it was indeed the wind. The windows were open and it was howling for a little while. About half an hour later I realized I was definitely not getting to sleep.

So, there's weather to talk about today and it's all sorts of weather. A strong late season cold front is mixing it up with very warm, humid air rushing up from the South as it dives down clashing with said warm, moist air and that's why there were deadly toradoes in Iowa yesterday. Too warm weather mixing with extremely cold, windy weather is never a recipe for Rice Pudding or Flan.

In Miami yesterday my daughter called to tell me the wind was so crazy that as she was driving with friends on Collins Avenue the girl in front of her was on a motor bike and the wind picked up the girl, the bike and tossed it to the ground. They pulled over, helped her up to make sure she was okay and obviusly my daughter was blown away. Yes, she's seen hurricanes but a random wind warning in March seemed crazy to her.  After waking up this morning to the wind here in Raleigh, I get where she's coming from or in this case where the wind is coming from.........

Check your local weather and be aware of what the weather has in store for you today. Mother Nature seems like everything else this year so far and it worries me a bit what the hurricane season will be like for several reasons I'll go into as we get close to May and the start of the Hurricane Season.

Yes, I've been quiet as weather wise there hasn't been much to talk about that interests my tropical weather friends. I'm obsessively watching news on the War in Ukraine. I've said this on the blog many times, but it's true and even more so today as one of my degrees is in International Relations with emphasis in Russian Studies. I was happy to study meteorology, geology and oceanography as I love Earth Science, but I'm really a geography nut and my degree was heavy in Geograhy, Demography and History of Politics and Warfare. 

It's called Geopolitics and if you Google that Wikipedia will tell you that it's about the study of how geography impacts politics as you can see below. For instance, America is lucky as it has two oceans on either side that both separate it from other lands while allowing our shipping (imports/exports) to help make us a strong nation. The warm moist air that rushes into the Mississippi River Valley feeds our crops giving us a huge "breadbasket' that is way bigger than Ukraine has and as you have heard it is the breadbasket of Europe and Russia. The wealth of minerals embeded in the earth such as oil, gas and the ever popular rare earth elements can make or break a nation and at times give a neighboring country an excuse to invade to attain that resource. Since time began Geopolitics was what drove nations to invade another nation (need for a warm water port) or simply good, fertile growing fields.  It's all about weather, geography and a little geology thrown in there for good measure. If England did not have the warm water of the Gulf Stream it would be a cold, frozen island in the North Atlantic. True. If you never understood this, war in the Ukraine and Russia's invasion should drive that point home. It's true.......Russia says Ukraine was always part of Russia and it was that is true for a good period of time, but it's a land many tribes and nations tried to conquer in search of more arable to live, plant crops and to reep the benefits; easier to grow crops in Ukraine than in the desert, mountains and most of Russia is not that hospitable weather wise and it's all about weather as always!!

"Geopolitics (from Greek γῆ gê "earth, land" and πολιτική politikḗ "politics") is the study of the effects of Earth's geography (human and physical) on politics and international relations."

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I'll add in the images later if and when Blogger is feeling better!


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