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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Rainy Days in Florida with Storms ... Spring Equinox Coming Down the Road....Then... Hurricane Season Approaches. Start Putting Together a Go Bag NOW with Inflation at a Record High... Prices Going UP. Dollar Store Now $1.25 Store!


Frontal energy still holding strong.
Won't be long before Hurricane Season.
But today we are still in Winter.
Spring Equinox coming soon.

Yesterday I watched an array of warnings go up for the Florida that got hit with tornadoes, severe weather and rain. Generally October through March is the Dry Season with the months of January and Februrary seeing blue skies and breezy beautiful days. A random cold front makes it down the state but otherwise it's the best time of year for people who love sunshine without high humidity to fly down to Florida.  

My son got married years back in Miami in February. He used a friend's beautiful waterfront home and expected an incredible tropical view for the diners of the dinner, dancing and of course the ceremony. Days of rain showed up in February, he called me up and said "it's NOT supposed to RAIN in February" and I said "well weather happens, sorry" so he erected a large tent...which was good because even though it didn't rain the winds were crazy strong with small craft warnings up.  You just never know in Miami, it's not LA where we planned whole events without even a back up location because it really, rarely rains there certain times of year. 

This time of year I watch patterns as we move towards the Hurricane Season to see what may or may not develop in the Pre-Season, those early May storms that sneak in under the wire.  It's too soon for me to go into this now, but come April I will. 

I asked Brian McNoldy a question and he was nice enough to respond. He's an expert in weather and especially South Florida weather as I watch as he records data and observations always on Twitter. Wetter this year, but not as much as last year it seems. When you get rain in Florida in the Winter it usually means you get to wear Winter Clothes more as usually it means cold fronts sweep through then end up stationary or move back up at some point. Rain can hover annoying the Bureau of Tourism but often locals enjoy some touch of winter vs "where did the Winter go" and rain is good, unless you have too much of a good thing.

I'll start speaking about the Hurricane Season soon. For now, my plans changed and we are going to Baltimore for Purim vs Miami, to be followed by a trip to Miami for a new arrival in the family. My mother-in-law fell and broke her "other hip" as she fell last month and was just recovering. I have family and friends in Baltimore so Purim will be there not down in the tropics. Different wardrobe to pack, but also not sure when I'll go to Miami and from where so packing is really complicated. In truth I keep a stash of summer clothes there when it's Winter in North Carolina and luckily I fit into my daughter's clothes so I can borrow from her if I need.  

Oh my gosh. You plan and you plan and then plans get delayed and rearranged. While packing and unpacking as I really don't need so much it hit me on those refugees trying to pack their important remnants of a life into one suitcase or a bag. I watched on the news a lady in transit who had just crossed the border saying how her husband had just remodeled their home after the addition and everything was so beautiful, but they had to grab what they could and run for the border making that expression of "whatever, when you gotta go you gotta go" and she tried to smile as if to say "life goes on" and it does for them but I'm sure they will never be the same in some ways.

We pray in our own ways from routines to "thinking good thoughts" and we try to send good energy (if we are not overly depressed and fatalistic) for a solution to end the war or as Putin says "military operation" and in truth a military operation is a form of warfare. You can play with words all you want but when bombs blow up and missles rain down from the sky slamming into any target they hit be it a barn or a hospital or an apartment building...well life is hell for anyone in the war zone.

I'm praying. You do your thing and I'll do mine as the old saying goes.

Will update from the road. Again I'll say this and I'll say it again and again. Hurricane Season is coming and if you live in Hurricane Country (Texas coast to Maine and lots of places in between far inland) please start putting away hurricane supplies now. Inflation is on the rise big time. The Dollar Store is now $1.25!!! If that doesn't get your attention nothing will. If you see things on sale, buy them and put them away because Lord only knows how the dollar will be in three months and if you in a place where you will need to evacuate you will need money for gas to get out of a low lying area somewhere in Texas, Louisiana or Florida and by then the Dollar Store may be the 2 Dollar Store!

Hurricane Preparation is what you need to think on now in the "slow times" and say a little prayer for the War to end and for peace.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.


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