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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Post Groundhog Day... Winter Rains Ice, Snow and Cold, Cold Rain Across a Large Part of the Country. Hurricane Season 4 Months Away. Mother Nature Messing with Texas, Oklahoma and Fronts Make it to Cuba Again and Again. Did You Know There Was a February Tropical Storm in 1952? Willie Nelson Music Day!


A good compare and contrast to the previous post.

Winter not letting go of her grip.

No matter what the Groundhog says.

Much like last year Texas is dealing with snow, ice and winter weather. Oklahoma getting it's annual "OMG there's SNOW!" episode and as it slides to the East as seen below it takes it's wintry mix towards the East Coast.  The South will most likely get Southern Rain and if you are really interested the Groundhog said "more Winter" which is no surprise and you can see that on the model runs but any excuse to have a holiday or party is good... right? 

Looks like a cold front! February. Logical.

Florida gets rain.... of course!

So this is how my mind works as we are officially 4 months away from the Atlantic Hurricane Season (Unless they start early on May 15th as there has been a lot of talk on that.) IF we keep getting these fronts that did get all the way down to well... Cuba.... it's possible we could get early pre-season action forming at the tail end of these abudantly strong frontal boundaries. 

There's lots to talk about as we move into the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season but with winter weather on the move impacting areas usually impacted by hurricanes I'm staying on the wintry topic but I am mentioning that it's worth thinking on. Will La Nina let go and allow us to go into a more Neutral cycle or is there an El Nino in our future? Just wondering.

A friend posted an image of a Groundhog Day Tropical Storm in 1952 that tracked across Florida. So after looking up the 1952 Hurricane Season, what I thought was interesting is not that there was a storm in February nor was it the last year to use the old Able, Baker set of names but that the hurricane season began on June 15th making me wonder when the change to June 1st began? Interesting, to see that decision made in 1952... sure there was a reason.  I love weather history and triva! Maybe they should make a board game for meteorologists and weather lovers everywhere? an interesting season in that most of the action was along the East Coast or out in the Atlantic. El Nino year and the GOM was basically therefore shut down tight.  After the extremely early February TS nothing formed until mid August. In late October a storm formed and looped a cute circle in the Atlantic, before giving up and becoming a ghost. 

Listening to Willie Nelson this morning. I needed to for some reason. Weird vibes? Willie always makes me feel better, well unless he made me feel sad but that was more sitting by the fireplace in California in the early 80s while listening to Yesterday's Wine. Loved that house, but I digress, it was one of the best houses I ever lived in. Willie always puts the sun, the moon and the stars in his songs and fills them up with weather references!

Now I need to research why the Hurricane Season was moved up from June 15th to June 1st seeing as now we may move it up it seems to May 15th which is the official start of the EastPac season.

And far away on the other side of the world there's a tropical system moving towards Mozambique.

Love Earthull's ability to turn the world around. Far away from Ice Storms in Texas, there's a tropical system and eventually we will be tracking the tropics not wintry weather. That said, they took my possibility of winter weather out of the forecast. Well ...there's always the next model run ;)

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the February parade of frontal systems sliding their way across the country and know soon tulips and daffodils will push up through the ground in many parts of the country. In South Florida that means the SNOW BIRDS will fly back Up North before it gets hot again!

Sweet Tropical Dreams

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Ps... Enjoy some Willie. 


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