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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Mix Up of Random Weather News - Weather Round Up Going Into Super Bowl vs Valentines Day Weekend! Hot Hot Hot Valentines - Super Bowl Weekend! Santa Ana Winds! Does This Give Some Team the Edge?? Lost SpaceX Satellites ....


Valentines Day vs Super Bowl!

Note the oranges and reds in California means HOT.

It's an odd weekend coming up in that Monday is Valentines Day which would make it usually "Valentines Day Weekend" except in 2022 it crashes into SUPER BOWL SUNDAY aka SUPER BOWL WEEKEND! I truly hope that if you have a significant other...someone to share Valentines Day Weekend with that you are both either huge football fans or couldn't care less about the Super Bowl. Otherwise, I do think the Monday Morning AFTER is going to end up being Break Up Monday!

As everyone here knows I love football so this is not going to be a big problem for me. I do love Valentines Day in many ways so that works also!

Hot Time in Southern California today for February!
I lived there a long time... totally not normal!!

I lived in LA a long time, though the above forecast is for Long Beach as I can type that ZipCode faster into a Google Search! I love LA but truly, really loved living in Long Beach but that's my story not the story of today and this weekend's hot weather forecast for the Super Bowl. They have been breaking high temperature records with way to hot temperatures the last few days. You'd think this is some weather plot from General Hospital where some Cassadine is always trying to Lex Luthor like control the world's weather! Yes, I actually watched that GH plot line from LA in the 80s! But, in real life it's a crazy turn of events for the Los Angeles area that is hosting the Super Bowl! And, interestingly it impacts the Super Bowl where the high is forecast to be 86 degrees! Saturday if they are doing practice it will be 88 degrees edging up towards 90! Come on that's ridiculous, as LA in the winter is usually sunny, pleasant and beautiful! Long Beach, being a beach city, is gray and wonderful half the day until the sun comes out but that's a different story. If you are going............bring sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Does weather have an impact in the Super Bowl?
It could, if a team is not used to 88 degree weather?
Home field advantage could really favor the Rams...
... not used to that but not Cincinnati  weather?

In 1973 Miami beat Washington in LA at the Super Bowl!
Also very warm weather so see it can happen!
Then again the Fins won....

Worse for LA this week is Santa Ana Winds.
No one ever wants Santa Ana Winds.
I lived there.
They make you crazy.
You can stand and watch flowers die in real time.
Fires often rear their ugly head!
February is not exactly Santa Ana Winds Season.
But can happen any time, but it is rare.

One of the most Googled questions for the Super Bowl is if the stadium is air conditioned! Good question and while it is not technically, because you know it never rains in Southern California and you very rarely need AC... it was built taking that into consideration and is expected to be comfortable. I imagine "comfortable" is in the eye of the beholder. 

"isn't technically air conditioned"
If I was there I'd prefer it to say "is air conditioned" personally.

So is weather an issue? Possibly, could be... time will tell. If you are in the LA area for Valentines Day may I say a great place to head to in a heat wave is Malibu Beach. Go toTrancas, get some strawberries, wine, chocolates, sushi anything you and your love both love and enjoy whatever breeze you can find. Personally partial the Santa Monica Pier, but I do love Malibu!

More weird weather? 
It's raining a lot in Miami.
This is their DRY season.
The locals are not happy.
Though the guy dancing in the rain is...

If you want to feel like you are in Miami.
Follow @onlyindade on Twitter or Instagram.
It shows a familiar lifestyle with some humor.

So those are my thoughts........ why is the weather so hot in LA in February? Will it give one team advantage over the other? Are you focusing on Valentines Day or the Super Bowl or neither and you could care less and are going hiking or fishing this weekend, plesantly single or trying to forget the one you loved who got away?? 

And, lastly I think it's interesting that very few media markets are talking about the loss of the space satellites recently launched into orbit from a CME and I'll note the only people I know following the story are weather people who tend to watch Solar Weather as a component obviously of our weather on Planet Earth. The article linked here below explains the whys of how the atmosphere on many levels of our planet are impacted my solar storms and why Elon Musk lost at least 20 Million Dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from one solar blast, boom... and how that's a financial story but should be a story we are all paying attn to! I have read the figure in the dollar amount could be way higher than 20 Million, but what difference could a million here or there make? Ask Zuckerberg who lost way more recently in value of Facebook. Dangerous week for millionaires it seems.. 

I first saw this story on YouTube but the video was taken down by YouTube for whatever reason I don't know, perhaps they hadn't Googled and seen it's a real story not just Click Bait. Thor News did a story on it yesterday, but those of you who know Thor know he is always watching the Sun! May I say we both wish Cranky Weather would come back to Twitter, but I understand he wanted a break and well.. he's missed!

I ran a library at a College.
The job is teach students how to search... showing you how to search here as well!

Link to story below.

Strange, interesting times we live in this year. 

Keep an eye on the sky and watch the weather.... for surprises you didn't expect to happen would be my advice if the beat from 2022 keeps on going the way it has been. Surprises happen often ....

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter usually weather, whereas Instagran whatever.

Music Video.............hmmn
Honestly danced to this song in LA and it was fun... and been in LA on HOT HOT HOT days and it's not sooo fun. Ended up at the end of a dock in Marina Del Rey, laying down on the dock wishing for a bit of a breeze because when LA is that hot... it's not so much fun unless you have air conditioning and Ice Cream!


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