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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Flooding Near Rio - Waiting on Strong Front Moving East Bound with Wild Windy Weather Promised by Forecasts. Waiting on Russia - Ukraine Drama, Roaring 20s and Other Obsessions. "Slow Times" Waiting on Hurricane Season.


Storms in Brazil bring mudslides and death as the world watches what may or may not be going on in the Ukraine. Everything is really about where you focus your attention and what you are looking for and often big stories go under the radar unless you scroll through Twitter regularly and see dramatic images and videos that take your breath away. It's a big world, I get it and yet amazingly we always look back at Europe vs down towards our South towards South America; you know the other America. 

A man rescuing a dog caught in the mud, a picture that pulls at the heart strings of most of us and it's hard to wrap our head around such a sudden, devastating weather disaster. Kind of reminds me of Ida's rampage on her way out to the sea when water surged through open windows into basements in Brooklyn killing the occupants who could not get out fast enough to save their lives. Water rushing across an expressway in New Jersey sweeping cars and their occupants off the highway into flooded ravines taking way too many lives. 

Again where is our focus? We watched Hurricane Ida nervously as she moved towards landfall and everyone was happy that so few had died and then while few, except meteorologists warning of possible flooding, way too few were watching their weather apps or paying attention to the weather forecast for Ida's rampage along the East Coast? 

As I was falling asleep last night I heard there were minor, possible squirmishes in the Ukraine that were eventually confirmed by Reuters, but after scrolling through reliable sources on Twitter it became apparent I could go to sleep and catch up on it in the morning. Again, one of my degrees is in International Relations specifically Russian studies and so this to me is like watching a strong wave rolling off of Africa that every model insists will be a Category 5 in 3 days, then 4 days, then not at first as it's having problems getting it's act together being blasted with strong sheer but all the models insist this will be a Major Hurricane before the Caribbean Islands. Barbados is watching as a strong high is in place that will not let it escape to the North and it is forecast to crash into the Island chain on it's way to somewhere. Note, sometimes models are wrong and sometimes intelligence reports don't get it right but we keep watching as there is potential there for trouble.

I woke up early this morning, checked again on all of my reliable sources as to what did or didn't happen in the Ukraine and decided to watch Thor as he will fill me in on all the news that's fit to put in this daily videos known as THOR NEWS! He gets weather, he gets geology, he gets news and the drama of color dramatically showing off an incredible atmospheric event. Thor also gets the Roaring 20s and appreciates them as I do so while we are very different we are very much alike in ways that you probably wouldn't get unless you were once in a Speakeasy sipping a Bee's Knees listening to synocopated jazz! An intriquing time in history, kind of like living in LA in the 80s when Disco was all that.

Weather is like the news. Every weather person has their favorite model and agenda as well as their own perspective as they once was an On Air Met in Alaska so they watch those storms coming into the NWS vs the guy from Florida who never looks West of the Mississippi River. Propaganda is rife on both sides and the US and NATO engage in propaganda as much as the pros of propaganda being Russian News Agencies and the English just slam us with their picture laden websites filled with tons of spyware and more crap than you can flush down the toilet. 

Weather is local and supposedly I'm getting some, though got to tell you if it's not Winter Weather or Tropical Weather I'm a bit too bored to stare at a model as I'd rather watch Aviation Geeks (that's a thing) post images of planes from various nations flying across Ukrainian or Crimean air space. 

The Thursday event was pushed back to Friday.
So much for local weather forecasting.
Not much better than intelligence reports from NATO.

So we will see late tonight in the early morning hours...
...or tomorrow after the dawn breaks!

Last night I had a good time out and about...
..Tobacco Road in Raleigh is fun.

It's all about focus... 
.... I looked up at the screens at Tobacco Road and...
...oh my gosh the Florida Panthers were playing!
Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers.
Not sure who won I was drinking and talking ;)

I went out last night to an event downtown and downtown Raleigh is fun these days as it's filled with bars, beer houses and bistros. I do so love alliteration. Libertarian meetings are always fun and interesting as it's mostly men with some incredibly smart, talkative women mixed in and when there's no speaker everyone is drinking, eating or just enjoying being together. I'm not a hardcore Libertarian as I tend to vote Independent (the mind set not the official party) but I had a boyfriend once who was a hardcore Libertarian and my husband leans Libertarian and again they are smart, free thinkers who enjoy discussing politics, life and they are very well read...........says the ex-Librarian ;) They also give good hugs! Nice night, but as always I'm always off mentally thinking on something, wondering... waiting for a storm of some kind.

So there I was out having fun and thinking, wondering if anything was happening in the Ukraine. One track mind, sorry but again spent years studying the meteorology, geography, history, politics and yes literature of Russia so I'm a bit curious. We all have our passions, interests and fields we study or pay attention to in life. For me it's meteorology, geography, history as well as writing, dancing and wondering what Putin will do. Oh, and I do like make up which you know if you follow me on Instagram. I had a really good Stout I sipped most of the night, not too sweet, not too bitter but just right!

I'll be back when there's real weather or news to write about. But know while you are waiting for snow or Spring, there are floods in other parts of the world and tornadoes and wind events may be coming to your town along the line of the front that's getting it's act together today and there will be snow North of the Mason Dixie line from it and possibly in the mountains of the South, but only time will tell!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... When I was in college in a Masters Class on Fitzgerald, Faulkner and Hemingway with the author then known as Professor James W. Hall we studied The Great Gatsby in depth way more than the other two author's works.  I had issues with the "green light" as the official answer on a test is that it was "money... make money and win Daisy back" but to me the green light meant "go" as he was watching, staring and waiting to put his plan into action and "go" for it. The witty, fun professor told me I made a good case for it and I could be right, but the correct answer on the test was otherwise so if I wanted an A it was up to me. I got an A. I still believe it doesn't really mean "green" = "money" which really equates to the American Dream and all that jazz. 

Who knows?
It's all interpretation and perspective....

Just remember the 20s blended intot he 30s...

My favorite shoes are like tap shoes ;)


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