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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

99 Days Til Hurricane Season 2022 - Names, Thoughts on 2/22/22 day and El Nino? La NIna? Or Just Make a Margarita??


Remember that old song 99 bottles of beer on the wall? Well today is 99 days until the start of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season! You may want to start buying drinks, snacks that are on sale after the Super Bowl and start stocking them away; if you're into chocolate stock up on post Valentine's Day Sales as well! You can read the article from the station that put together the graphic above... down below! 

This is you're "we are getting closer to the Hurricane Season" notice so mark it down on the Calendar (if you have not already) and know that this year the Tropical Outlook from the NHC will be put out on May 15th which to many of us mean ....that is the de facto start of the season! Graphics mean so much these days!  

1992 list from Wikipedia 

Many of you will recognize this list as the 1992 list that brough you Hurricane Andrew! I believe Colin replaced Charley! Fiona replaced Florence (F storms seem to get retired faster than other letters. Earl does not, hope I didn't jinx things here regarding the ever popular often wayward Earl!! Fiona replaces Frances which was retired after it partied with Jeanne that is now Julia!  Hermine is still on the list.... Karl and Lisa remain, while Mitch was replaced after ....well you know Category 5 Hurricane Mitch that took up a good part of the Caribbean at one time! This is NOT my favorite list as I remember the hurricane track map from 1992 so well as we all made fun of the name Andrew. Note... never make fun of a name on the list as it may know where you live!

This brings up the question of La Nina or El Nino or is this a gender neutral year known as "NEUTRAL" obviously. 

I'll talk about that soon as we get closer to the season and we have a better handle on just what is happening with that. As today seems to be National Margarita Day and Lord knows with everything going on in the world today on 2/22/22 it may be a good idea for you to sit back with a drink and hope all we have to worry about this year is the Hurricane Season ... 

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